Department Chairs and Program Directors

College of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair

Mike King
Melissa Gibbs, Associate Chair

Chemistry John York
Communication and Media Studies

Tara Schuwerk (Fall 2023)
Jelena Petrovic (Spring 2024)

Counselor Education

Jesse Fox

Creative Arts Ken McCoy
Economics Alan Green

Chris Colwell, Departmental Convenor

English Joel B. Davis
Environmental Science and Studies

Wendy Anderson

History Leander Seah
Health Sciences

Ronette Lategan-Potgieter, Co-Chair
Matt Schrager, Co-Chair
Michele Skelton, Co-Chair

Mathematics and Computer Science Daniel Plante
Tom Vogel, Assoc Chair
Philosophy Susan Peppers-Bates
Physics Kevin Riggs
Political Science Bill Nylen

Camille King

Religious Studies

Chris Bell

Sociology and Anthropology Rachel Core
World Languages and Cultures Yves Clemmen

Program Director
Africana Studies Chesya Burke
American Studies Emily Mieras
Aquatic and Marine Biology Melissa Gibbs
Asian Studies Rajni Shankar-Brown
Biochemistry Harry Price
Gender Studies Danielle Lindner
Global Development Alan Green
International Studies Bill Nylen

Jewish Studies

Eric Kurlander


Tara Schuwerk (Fall 2023)
Michael McFarland (Spring 2024)
Latin American and Latino Studies  
Molecular Biology Roslyn Crowder
Pre-Engineering Kevin Riggs
Pre-Health Mike King
Pre-Law Steven Smallpage
Public Health Asal Johnson
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Michael Denner and Snezhana Zheltoukhova
Sullivan Creative Writing Terri Witek
Sustainable Food Systems Wendy Anderson
Theatre Arts

Krista Franco

School of Business Administration

Department Chair


Jim Beasley
Business Systems and Analytics Joe Woodside
Finance Gio Fernandez
Management & Specialty Programs Libba Galloway
Ram Subramanian, Associate Chair
Marketing Carolyn Nicholson

Program Director
Family Enterprise Center Areti Vogel
Graduate Programs Petros Xanthopoulos
Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Daniel Scott
Master of Accountancy Programs Erin Nickell
Roland George Investments Program

Matt Hurst

Business Law Libba Galloway
Human Resources Paula Miller
Sport Business Matt DiFebo
J.J. Masters Center for Professionalism Bob Gibson
Innsbruck Program John Tichenor

School of Music

Program Director
Bands John Seth (Interim)
Choral Activities Sandra Peter
Music Education John Lychner

College of Law

Associate Deans

  • Jason Bent, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Anne Mullins, Associate Dean for Assessment and Professional Engagement
  • Darryl C. Wilson, Associate Dean for Faculty and Strategic Initiatives

Program Directors

Program Director
Center for Excellence in Advocacy Elizabeth Boals
Center for Excellence in Elder Law

Roberta Flowers

Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy Peter Lake
Clinical Education Christine Cerniglia
Institute for the Advancement of Legal Communication Kirsten K. Davis and Elizabeth Berenguer 
Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy Royal Gardner and Paul Boudreaux 
Institute for Caribbean Law and Policy Darryl Wilson
Moot Court Board Brooke J. Bowman
Veterans Law Institute Stacey-Rae Simcox
Dispute Resolution Board Kristen D. Adams


University Programs