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The Center provides a scholarly, professional foundation for the coordination of activities mutually beneficial to law students, law faculty, and the bar as well as the greater legal communities both domestically and throughout the Caribbean. These activities include educational exchanges, training, development, and internship opportunities that take advantage of past and current relationships, including those related to the dynamic legal environment presently evolving in the Caribbean.


The Center strives to establish meaningful partnerships between Stetson Law School, the law schools of the Caribbean, the Caribbean Council on Legal Education, the various Caribbean bar associations, and other professional legal organizations. These partnerships will enable academic, scholarly, and professional exchanges that will significantly impact all parties involved in a positive far-reaching manner.

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Professor Dorothea Beane and Professor Darryl C. Wilson

Professor Dorothea Beane and Professor Darryl C. Wilson.
In 2008, the co-directors Professor Dorothea Beane and Professor Darryl C. Wilson joined a faculty consortium to help draft the U.S. Virgin Islands constitution.
Professor Darryl C. Wilson
[email protected]

VIDEO: George Belnavis, a law professor in Jamaica, discusses his experiences at Stetson Law.

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