Group Involvement

Getting Involved

Getting involved with clubs, intramurals, and other programs isn't just a way to stay busy at Stetson; research shows that student engagement is directly linked to better academic performance, connectivity to the institution, and higher levels of satisfaction with your collegiate experience. The diversity of our students and their interests is one of Stetson's biggest strengths, and we have involvement and leadership opportunities in many areas. With over 140 student organizations and multiple opportunities for leadership development in various departments, Stetson provides you with many ways to get involved both on and off campus.

So, how do you begin your involvement journey? Start with knowing the resources below!

Student Organizations

Student organizations offer Hatters the opportunities to join together and get involved in many groups with their peers. We offer over 140 organizations under the umbrellas of Academics, Arts, Cultural and Identity-Based, Faith-Based, Greek Social Letter, Honors Society, Interests and Hobbies, Political, Professional and Career-Development, Service, Social Action, and much more! More

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)

The Office of Leadership Education and Development supports initiatives across campus focused on helping students to reach their full potential. LEAD offers a variety of programs, leadership roles, and learning opportunities aimed at exploring the leader within all of us, applying personal leadership abilities to positively work with others, and building an understanding of social responsibility and social impact. More

Multicultural Student Council (MSC)

The Multicultural Student Council consists of student leaders coming together to share culture and work towards experiential learning. This group is made up of change agents charged to focus on Multicultural Students and advocate for their needs, strengthen individual multicultural student organizations, and unify multicultural groups around common issues through intentional programming, development, and collaborative relationships. More

Community Engagement

Community engagement provides opportunities for you to learn and serve in our campus, local and global communities. We have volunteer opportunities, service learning opportunities, and other ways to connect what you're learning in the classroom to the needs of communities. More

Intramural Sports

At Stetson, our intramural programs really do have something for everyone. We have a variety of team and individual sports to meet your specific interests, and all are a great way to have fun, meet people and exercise. Intramurals provide opportunities to compete, work, and be a leader! More

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association has been the representative body for each undergraduate student enrolled at Stetson University since 1907. Their goals include consistently informing and leading our constituency, as well as executing necessary changes in the Stetson Community. More

Student Media

Stetson Student Media is made up of four groups who work to keep the Hatter community informed about the Stetson and DeLand community through The Reporter (Florida's oldest student newspaper), Hatter Radio, Green Hat Media, and Touchstone. Each group that makes up Student Media serves a unique purpose in contributing to the information provided to our campus. More

Club Sports

A Club Sport is an athletic team that Stetson sponsors for recreational or competitive purposes (not through the NCAA, but possibly through other leagues). Club Sports are student organizations designed to promote good sportsmanship, skills development, and athletic competition. Club Sports provide students with lifelong friends, competitive opportunities, leadership, and personal development. More

Off-Campus Involvement

In addition to the plethora of activities and programs you can immerse yourself in on campus, Stetson also offers a variety of things to check out in our local communities. Whether you are visiting Blue Springs Park or the Daytona Flea Market there is plenty to do off-campus as well! More

International Learning

International learning happens everywhere. Whether you study abroad with one of our partner schools across the globe or engage with our internationalized curriculum from right here in Florida, you will be able to leave Stetson as a truly global citizen. More