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Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services

What we do:

The Department of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services is here to help you excel on your journey to the practice of law. Our team of advisors believes that all Stetson students can achieve their personal best both in law school and on the bar exam. We are here to help each individual not only succeed, but thrive. Let us help you identify strategies that work for you in law school and in bar studies.

How we do it:

Practice makes perfect. This lesson holds true from kindergarten through the courtroom. The study of law is difficult and involves learning to think in a new way. You will need to reason, analyze, draw similarities between disparate fact patterns and distinguish cases that seem just as similar. You will also need to learn a new style of writing and communication. It is impossible to excel at these tasks without practicing them. The links below will take you to our Academic Success and Bar Prep portals where you can find tools to help you practice in law school and for the bar exam. 

There is still no magic recipe for success. It takes hard work and dedication, but everyone’s path looks different. Let’s get to work and find your path today.

Wherever you are in your legal studies and path to success, we want to help!

Our department also deals with accessibility resources for students with disabilities or foreign students. If you need information about accessibility resources or need to request accommodations, visit Accessibility Resources.

Make an appointment! Contact us to schedule a time with one of our advisors.