Writing Program At Stetson

Megan O'Neill, Director
Leigh Ann Dunning, Associate Director

Welcome to the Stetson University Writing Program, where the goal is to help students develop into the writers we want Stetson University's graduates to be: thoughtful in consideration of multiple viewpoints, aware of differences and similarities in outlook, grounded in solid research, and authentic in voice.

The Writing Program supports writing instruction and student learning across the University, primarily through the WE courses offered in the General Education writing-intensive First-Year Seminars and Junior Seminars. By encouraging a writing-rich academic environment throughout the core curriculum, the Writing Program fosters the development of essential writing and thinking skills, including purpose, clarity, focus, disciplinary awareness, and an individual and engaging voice.

To support students in their efforts, the Stetson University Writing Center offers hours every week during the academic semesters (fall, spring and summer). This tutoring lab is one of the most popular on campus: tutors offer assistance and guidance during all phases of a writing project. Work on your lab reports, your case studies and your literature analyses! Tutors are available for you; just visit the website to make an appointment.