Petros Xanthopoulos

Executive Director of Graduate Programs | Associate Professor of Decision and Information Sciences

Petros Xanthopoulos's research has appeared in journals like Omega, Annals of Operations Research, Expert Systems with applications and IEEE Transaction of Information Technology in Biomedicine.

  • PhD, philosophy industrial and systems engineering, University of Florida, 2011
  • MS, industrial and systems engineering, University of Florida, 2008
  • BS, engineering electronics and computer engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, 2005


Petros Xanthopoulos


Xanthopoulos received his PhD and MSc from Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Florida and a Diploma of Engineering from the Technical University of Crete, Greece. His teaching and scholar interests include the areas of big data analytics, data mining, optimization and operations management. He has served as assistant professor and Lockheed Martin faculty fellow at the University of Central Florida.

Xanthopoulos's research has appeared in journals like Omega, Annals of Operations Research, Expert Systems with applications and IEEE Transaction of Information Technology in Biomedicine. His research has been funded by the Florida Department of Transportation and the Office of Naval Research. He is associate editor of Optimization Letter (Springer) and he has served as a reviewer for more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and conferences. He is a member of INFORMS and IEEE.

More About Petros Xanthopoulos

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital/social media marketing
  • Group decisions and negotiations

Course Sampling

  • Managerial Decision Analysis
  • Business Statistics

  • Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Operation research
  • Optimization

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