Institutes, Centers, Programs and Initiatives

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence at Stetson University promotes faculty vitality and vibrancy through research-based learning opportunities that advance student engagement in and outside of the classroom.

The Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics, housed within the School of Business Administration, seeks to develop knowledge and skills vital in the fast-changing field of business, by developing cutting-edge managers and analysts with skills in decision-making using analytical techniques. The center provides the framework for joint academic and industry collaboration to develop the next generation of industry experts.

The Center for Excellence in Advocacy at the College of Law promotes the continuing development of unparalleled advocacy skills through teaching, scholarship and research.

The Center for Excellence in Elder Law at the College of Law was established to meet the increasing need for legal education and research in the field of law and aging. The Center provides legal education to law students, attorneys, and judges in the field of elder and special needs law and produces scholarly research and writing on issues impacting those who are older and/or have special needs.

The Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at the College of Law provides a unique resource for both attorneys and non-attorneys alike in advancing a better understanding of the ever-changing realm of higher education.

The Center for Holistic Microcredit Initiatives, or CHOMI, a South African street word for "friend of the heart", offers micro-loans and business development workshops to promote and support microenterprise development. CHOMI serves as a catalyst to make all relevant services and resources available to members of the university, its partners, and grassroots community members for entrepreneurship, especially among the poor.

The Center for Optimal Health Across the Lifespan, also known as COHL, is an interdisciplinary, collaborative space in the new Cici and Hyatt Brown Hall for Health and Innovation. COHL was born out of Hyatt and Cici Brown’s goal of enhanced health education, and investment into the local community’s health care providing an opportunity to create community outreach experiences. 

The Center for Public Opinion Research is an independent, non-partisan survey research center at Stetson University. The purpose of CPOR is to produce knowledge about how the public thinks about politics, the economy, and other social issues. Stetson’s CPOR also advances our students’ education in the dynamic science of survey research and social science methodology.

The Centurion Sales Program, housed in the School of Business Administration, provides advanced training in professional sales to prepare graduates for the real-world business environment. Boasting state-of-the-art sales role-play labs and an extensive professional network, the program teaches students to create value in complex business environments and effectively engage in executive settings.

The Family Enterprise Center, housed in the School of Business Administration, is focused on providing the best educational opportunities for individuals and entities that work with family enterprises. Boasting the nation's first major in Family Enterprise, the FEC aims to be the world's best development program for the next generation in family enterprise.

The Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center is home to the university's extensive collection of art by Modernist painter Oscar Bluemner (1867-1938) and serves as a place to share with art historians, scholars, students and art lovers.

The Institute for the Advancement of Legal Communication is a home for the study of the legal communication issues that face lawyers, judges, other professionals and the public. It supports an active community of legal communication and writing scholars, and its faculty works to develop innovative and effective methods and programs for teaching legal communication theory, skills, and values to students. The institute's training programs provide instruction to lawyers, judges, and other professionals to improve their legal communication skills.

The Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy at the College of Law serves as an interdisciplinary focal point for education, research and service activities related to global, regional and local biodiversity issues.

The Institute for Caribbean Law and Policy at the College of Law provides a scholarly, professional foundation for the coordination of activities mutually beneficial to law students, law faculty, and the bar as well as the greater legal communities both domestically and throughout the Caribbean.

Stetson's Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience promotes interdisciplinary faculty and student research as a means of informing policy options for solving Florida's challenging environmental issues as a demonstration of Stetson University's commitment to environmental stewardship as a core university value.

The Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the School of Business Administration, is an endowed initiative that seeks to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, cultivating the way of thinking that prepares students to develop business ideas, formulate business plans, evaluate firms for investment potential and manage ongoing start-up enterprises.

The M. E. Rinker, Sr. Institute of Tax and Accountancy in the School of Business Administration offers an intellectually challenging undergraduate and graduate education that facilitates the development of our students as successful accounting professionals.

The Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform is a comprehensive learning community that works in collaboration with local community leaders, district personnel, educational agencies and Stetson University faculty to provide assistance in developing research-based best practice in-service workshops and events for educators, families, businesses, universities and policymakers for the advancement of teaching and learning.

The Roland George Investments Program in the School of Business Administration is one of the nation's oldest and arguably best student-directed investment programs, where students develop their own investment goals, objectives, and criteria for managing their award-winning portfolio of up to $3.4 million in stocks and bonds.

The Stetson Institute for Social Research was founded in January 1993 as an educational, research, consultation and evaluation resource for Stetson University students, faculty, and administrators, and for the surrounding community.

The University Honors Program provides a select group of students with an academically enriched and intellectually stimulating experience with a uniquely integrated curriculum consisting of specially designed Honors core courses and special educational opportunities and experiences.

The Veterans Law Institute at the College of Law works to increase legal services available to the growing population of military members, veterans and their families in the Tampa Bay area by bringing together volunteer attorneys, volunteers from other fields, Stetson faculty, Stetson students and other community organizations.