Yves-Antoine Clemmen

Professor and Chair of World Languages and Cultures (French)

  • PhD, comparative literature, University of Illinois
  • MA, comparative literature, University of Illinois
  • Agrégation de l'enseignement secondaire supérieur, Université de l'État à Liège
  • Licences de Philologie Germanique, Université de l'État à Liège


Yves-Antoine Clemmen


A native of Belgium, Yves-Antoine Clemmen grew up in the French-speaking region of Charleroi. He learned Dutch, Latin and English in high school (Athenée royale de Marcinelle) where he was also a math major. He went to college in Namur and in Liège, and completed a Master's degree in Germanic Philology with a thesis on Anglo-Saxon poetry before studying in the U.S., first at Washington University in Saint Louis, Mo., and then at the University of Illinois where he completed a PhD in comparative literature. He has been a faculty member at Stetson University since 1992. He also teaches yoga at the Yoga Shed in DeLand.

More About Yves-Antoine Clemmen

Areas of Expertise

  • Belgian Writer Amélie Nothomb
  • Grand-Guignol Theatre
  • French and General Linguistics

Course Sampling

  • Reading Photography
  • Introduction to general linguistics
  • French Linguistics
  • Elementary French II
  • Intermediate French I

  • Narratology
  • Contemporary French novel, word and image studies
  • Theory of photography
  • Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb
  • Grand-Guignol Theatre (French theatre of horror 1897-1962)

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