Faculty Resources

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs strives to connect faculty with quality resources to support their endeavors. The resources described below are provided for your review and reference. Please note that access to some resources requires a Stetson University username and password.

Assessment of Learning

Assessment of student learning at Stetson University is rooted in our core values: Intellectual Development, Personal Growth and Global Citizenship, and the focus areas they include.

By Laws

Cultural Credit

In addition to completing 32-course units, students join Stetson University's intellectual and creative life outside the classroom by participating in at least three approved cultural events for each semester of enrollment at the university to earn cultural credit.


University-wide undergraduate curriculum policies are voted on by the Stetson University faculty. Additionally, each college and school has specific curriculum policies and its own structure for curricular matters. The Stetson University Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy and its contributing committees are representative governance structures. The various curricular proposals follow different workflows through UCCAP and its contributing committees to facilitate a thoughtful and efficient review, recommendation and action on the advancement of Stetson University's academic mission.

Faculty Academic Advising

All faculty members guide students inside and outside the classroom, formally and informally. For full-time faculty, formal guidance is provided through faculty academic advising.

Faculty Evaluation

Several opportunities are available for faculty evaluation and feedback, including Faculty Annual Review, student evaluations and periodic reviews related to tenure and promotion. We encourage faculty to learn more about each of these opportunities

Faculty Profiles

Stetson University is proud of the diverse cadre of teacher-scholars that comprise our faculty. To help the Stetson University community know our faculty better, we invite all to review the online Faculty Profiles. To update your own profile, please complete the Faculty Profile Update Request form.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Grants, Sponsored Research, and Strategic Initiatives seek to support faculty in all stages of the grant process, from identifying funding opportunities to coordinating post-award administration. If you are creating a proposal for outside funding, we encourage you to contact the Office of Grants, Sponsored Research, and Strategic Initiatives for any assistance you may need.

For Stetson University-sponsored faculty grants and research support, please see the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence.

NCAA Guidance

Professional Development

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence and the Professional Development Committee coordinate myriad professional development opportunities each year, including workshops, mentoring, fellowships, research support, sabbatical leaves and support for travel.

Research Integrity

Research integrity is the cornerstone of research conducted by members of the Stetson University community. To promote integrity and maintain the highest ethical standards of research practice and creative inquiry at Stetson University, we uphold the commitments outlined in the following guidelines, policies and practices.

Summer Courses - Compensation, Policies, and Procedures

The following documents will provide guidance on the policies and procedures as they relate to the teaching of summer courses.

Supporting Students

Offices and resources across the university are dedicated to holistically supporting our students. Many of these offices also provide specific information about how faculty can partner with these offices to promote student well-being and success. Brief information on offices of faculty interest is provided, and we encourage faculty to review this information and explore the many resources provided for students.

Tenure and Promotion

Stetson University faculty are teachers and scholars, life-long learners ever pursuing growth in their disciplines and as teachers. The tenure and promotion process serves as a formal review of teaching and librarianship, scholarship and creative activity, and service to and leadership in Stetson University.

Teaching at Stetson University

Teaching is a multi-faceted endeavor. From curriculum design to creating syllabi to submitting grades, these resources seek to help faculty with the administrative processes and planning involved in teaching at Stetson University.


Travel can be an integral part of the faculty experience for research, professional development, networking, and presentation of scholarly and creative works. Faculty travel is subject to a university-wide policy with additional policies and resources available.

Visiting Scholars

Stetson University defines Visiting Scholars as persons seeking engagement with the University from the United States, its territories, and foreign countries to promote the interchange of knowledge and skills in fields that span higher education.

Stetson University Catalog

The Stetson University Catalog is published each year and includes information on admissions, scholarships and other financial aid, student life, student academic policies, academic programs and course offerings. The current catalog, as well as archives of past years, is available online.