Carol Azab

Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • PhD, business administration (marketing), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (SIU)
  • MS, business administration (marketing), Alexandria University, Faculty of Commerce, Egypt
  • BS, business administration, Alexandria University, Faculty of Commerce, Egypt


Carol Azab


Dr. Carol Azab earned her PhD in marketing from Southern Illinois University. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration from the Faculty of Commerce of Alexandria University in Egypt. Her area of research focuses on service recovery and international marketing. She won the Sharon Beatty Best Services Dissertation award.

Dr. Azab loves working with students and comes with extensive teaching experience. She taught as an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and an instructor of record at Southern Illinois University. She also taught as visiting Lecturer at the School of Management and Economics, Vaxjio University, Sweden and assistant lecturer at Alexandria University Egypt. Dr. Azab also did consultancy work in Egypt and was part of research project team for World Bank and United Nations Development Program. Dr. Azab went to the German School in Alexandria and can speak German, English, French and Arabic fluently.

More About Carol Azab

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing

Course Sampling

  • Global Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Principles

  • Service failure and recovery
  • Frontline service employees
  • International marketing
  • The role of marketing in the firm

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