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The Business FLEX program provides a strong foundation in business management and problem-solving while allowing you to develop a learning plan customized to your passion. A business education is about learning to ask and answer multifaceted questions. The FLEX major allows you to pursue the course of study that you are most passionate about when your questions are not answered within the bounds of the traditional majors offered in the School of Business Administration.

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Program Overview

Business FLEX students exemplify traits of the intentional academic engagement at the heart of a liberal arts education: passion, creativity, rigor and interdisciplinary thought.

The FLEX program is not meant to provide an applied degree or a less rigorous alternative to existing majors. The program is designed as a supplemental program to foster advanced learning for intellectually curious, driven and reflective students who have a desire to learn and make their own way.

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Individualized Learning Plan

The FLEX major stands out from the rest due to its focus on being responsible for one's own curriculum. Students are held accountable through the creation of an Individualized Learning Plan. This ILP will act as a guide for students as they embark on their undergraduate journey towards a personalized degree. The purpose of the ILP is to ensure students understand their active role in creating and thoroughly planning a custom major.


Faculty relationships are an important aspect of the Business FLEX program. Students will select a faculty sponsor who will serve as the primary advisor and mentor for the duration of the course of study.

Career Significance

The Business FLEX major gives students control of their major, which allows them to cater their curriculum to better align with their career interests. For instance, if a student aims to be an IT director, she can create a curriculum that combines both upper-level business systems and analytics and management courses. This flexibility allows FLEX students to adequately prepare themselves for their future career goals.

Career Outlook

The Business FLEX program is designed to allow highly motivated business students to create a unique learning plan built around their specific area of passion. In addition to being armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with intentional coursework, graduates will find their skills will apply to many facets of the modern business organization.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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