Moving-in, Out, and Around

Whether you are moving out, moving in, or just changing rooms you'll find all the relevant information here! Familiarize yourself with the procedures associated with your moving process in order to make the transition into your new living space smoother and easier!

Fall Move-in

Are you moving in this fall? Learn more about opening dates, and the move-in process.

Stetson University's FOCUS Orientation Program is designed to ease your transition to Stetson



Room Changes/Room Relocations

Residents should go to their Housing Central home page for the request form after reviewing the room change process.

Move-Out Procedure

Please familiarize yourself with the proper procedures for moving off-campus in an effort to smooth your transition process between living spaces without fines.

Fall End of Term Closing Information

Review the end of term closing information for your specific situation and plans for next term.

Spring Closing Information

Review the end of term closing information for your specific situation and plans for summer housing.


If you're withdrawing or not returning to Stetson, please let us know.

Residency Requirement and Exemptions

Stetson University is proud both of its residential campus and its tradition of a vibrant campus community. Therefore, the university has a three-year residency requirement.

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ADA Accommodations

The Department of Residential Living and Learning is committed to providing a healthy, inclusive, and safe environment that supports the growth and development of all students. We recognize that some residential environments and configurations may not be completely accessible to all students. Therefore, students may request consideration for their housing assignment in order to have equal access to the residential experience.

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About Our Residence Hall Rates

Our residence hall rates are available online, we strive to keep these up-to-date and accurate for your reference.

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Animal-Friendly Housing

Stetson University is unique in allowing residents of specific residential areas to live with their pets. The future of the pet privilege rests on the successful administration of the policy and the willingness of students to abide by and enforce, the policy. The opportunity to bring a pet to campus is a privilege, not a right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that many students have questions as they consider on-campus housing, and we invite you to review our frequently asked questions page for more assistance!

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