Spring Move-in

Prior to Arrival

Before coming to campus, be sure you have completed the following:

  • Submitted your Health History Form and Immunization Record to Stetson Health Service. You won't be able to receive keys without having submitted these forms.
  • Read the Guide to Residential Living and the Code of Community Standards.
  • Read the Prohibited Items List on Page 16 of the Guide to Residential Living. It'll give you an idea of what you'll need and what's not permitted in the residential buildings.
  • Connected with your roommate(s) to discuss room layout and who's bringing what items that may be shared (e.g., TV, mini-fridge, microwave, etc.).

Check-In Information

New Students Move-in day is an exciting time for new students and their families, and we're greatly looking forward to your arrival. On Thursday, January 11, check-in for Residential Living and Learning will be at the Residential Living and Learning office in University Hall (644 N. Woodland Blvd.) from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Please come with a photo ID so we can issue your keys. Once you have your keys you can go to your residence hall and begin to get settled in.

Continuing Students We are so glad to have our continuing students back. We missed you! Bring your photo ID and check in at the Residential Living and Learning office in University Hall (644 N. Woodland Blvd.) beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 14. Continuing students can check in until 4:00 p.m. that day and during normal business hours during the following week. Classes begin on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Getting Settled

Getting set up in your room is an important first step. We encourage you to reach out to your roommate(s) prior to the move-in day to discuss some basic ideas about how to set up the room to your shared preferences. An empty room is full of possibilities and is just waiting for you to add your personal touch. Remember that bunking or lofting your beds (loft kits are available in your residence hall, but are limited - ask an R.A. on move-in day for where to find one) can really open up the floor space.

Animal Friends

Stetson University is an animal-friendly campus. It's important to remember that only Stetson Cove Apartments, University Hall, and the 300 building of the University Village Apartments are animal-friendly, so any pets that are helping to send you off to college need to remain outside of the other residence halls and check-in area. All animals must have received prior approval by Residential Living and Learning to live with you in the animal-friendly residence halls, so please be sure you have gone through that process before bringing your animal with you to campus. We accept applications for new animals until June 1.

Early Arrivals

It's very important that university staff have ample time to finish renovation and maintenance projects, prepare the buildings and train the R.A.'s so that everything is ready when you arrive. We post our move-in days early in the spring semester so that you can plan accordingly. Outside of those students who are returning because of their involvement in university-required functions, all new students need to plan to check in on Thursday, January 11 and continuing students beginning Sunday, January 14.

Residents who are part of an approved early arrival group don't need to submit an individual request this year; your group leader will request your participation.

Other students may request an early return, but exceptions are rarely given. Residents approved for an early return are subject to a $100 per day early arrival fee. The Early Arrival form and information will be available on Housing Central from July 1 until July 25. Being a member of the HOME Team will give you the opportunity to help out your fellow Hatters and arrive on Saturday, August 18 without the per day early arrival fee.