Room Change Requests

Application At-A-Glance: The application on Housing Central will ask for some demographic information for our records, roommate preference (if you have one), building preferences and any other information you think would be helpful.

Application Available:

  • Prior to Move-in- the application will be available to continuing students from April 1 until June 1 and new students from the release of assignments until August 1.
  • After Move-in- the application will be available for all students after the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semester (September 12 - October 16).
  • For Spring Term- the application will be available November 8 through November 26 for requests to move at the end of the Fall term (moves occur during or after finals prior to departure for the Winter Break Holiday).
  • Outside of these times- students who feel they need to change rooms should contact their Residential Life Coordinator.

Assignments: Room change requests are honored as we are able based on available space and a variety of other factors. If approved, the student will need to change rooms as directed and follow proper move-out procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions