the carlton union building first floor with students eating during the day

Hatter1 Card Services

The Hatter1 Card is the official ID card used by students, faculty, staff, dependents and alumni at Stetson University.  This card can be used in a multitude of ways on and off campus, ensuring user convenience when utilizing all various benefits related to your Hatter1 Card!

Your Hatter1 Card can be used to...

  • Identify you as a member of the Stetson University community 
  • Access your Meal Plan at the different dining facilities on campus
  • Access your Hatterbucks for meals & snacks at retail locations on campus 
  • Access your Hatterbucks at our off-campus partners Jimmy John's and Domino's
  • Purchase items at the University Bookstore
  • Grant entry to campus buildings after hours
  • Grant entry to your assigned residential buildings
  • Grant entry to the Hollis Center recreation locations
  • Attend athletic events, concerts and student events
  • Reserve books at the library
  • Track your cultural credits
  • Utilize student discounts at a number of businesses in DeLand

Your Hatter1 Card will act as your student ID on campus. You will also be able to use it around DeLand to receive discounts at various businesses. You should always have your ID card on you.

The card will also provide access to the exterior doors of the residence halls, labs and multiple buildings you will need entry to around campus, including the Hollis Center.

Your meal plan and Hatterbucks will also be linked to your Hatter1 card. The strip on the back of your card is where your swipes for meals and Hatterbucks will be located. We have two retail locations off campus contracted that use this card. Jimmy John's and Domino's will accept Hatterbucks only, and your card must be present when receiving your orders.

You will need your Hatter1 Card to check out books at the library. This will be done by scanning the barcode on your card.

Stetson University requires you to have at least 24 cultural credits to graduate. You must have your Hatter1 Card in order to record your attendance and earn cultural credits at the functions you attend. If you do not have your card, you may not be able to record your credit for the event.

Please note: Your card should only be used by you for purchases made. If someone else uses your card, it may be taken and held by Public Safety or the ID Card Office until you can pick it up at the designated location. This is to protect you from losing funds on your card.

If you lose your card, you must report it immediately to Public Safety at 386-822-7300 or the Hatter1 Card Office at 386-822-7782. We will shut your card down so that no one can access it. You must visit the Hatter1 Card office in person to request a replacement card.  The cost to reprint the card is $20.00, payable by cash or credit prior to receiving your card.  The charge cannot be added to your student account to be paid later.