Parents and Families

A family's role in their student's college career is a special one. As your student continues to grow and develop, your guidance is important. We encourage you to supply them with the moral support they need as they meet the challenges of this stage of their lives. We look forward to working with you as your student engages and connects with the world in their own way as they grow throughout their time at Stetson University.

FERPA and Families

One of the major transitions that you will face as a family member, will be the way you will be able to receive information about your student's educational experience and what you are able to do on behalf of your student. FERPA is a federal act designed to protect the privacy of your student and we encourage students and families to familiarize themselves with it.

What to do in Case of Emergency

If you are ever concerned that your student's health or well-being is seriously at risk, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In emergency situations, please call the Stetson Department of Public Safety at (386) 822-7300 regardless of the time, and they will involve the appropriate university staff.

In non-emergency situations related to housing, please contact the Residential Living and Learning office at (386) 822-7201 during regular business hours and speak to the appropriate Residence Life Coordinator.

In non-emergency situations, the Dean of Students office is the main contact for parents and can be contacted at (386) 822-7473 during regular business hours.

Additional emergency resources are available from the Department of Public Safety.

Stetson University is proud both of its residential campus and its tradition of a vibrant campus community. Therefore, the university has a three-year residency requirement.

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The Department of Residential Living and Learning is committed to providing a healthy, inclusive and safe environment that supports the growth and development of all students. We recognize that some residential environments and configurations may not be completely accessible to all students. Therefore, students may request consideration for their housing assignment in order to have equal access to the residential experience.

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Our residence hall rates are available online, we strive to keep these up-to-date and accurate for your reference.

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Stetson University is unique in allowing residents in a designated area to live with their pets. The future of the pet privilege rests on the successful administration of the policy and the willingness of students to abide by and enforce, the policy. The opportunity to bring a pet to campus is a privilege, not a right.

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We recognize that many students have questions as the consider on-campus housing an invite you to review our frequently asked questions page for more assistance!

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