Animal Housing Application

Application At-A-Glance: The application will ask for some demographic information for our records and information about the pet that you would like to bring.

Application Available: January 8 in Housing Central. Students submitting their enrollment deposit after February 1 will typically have access to the application within 3 business days.

Priority Deadline: Continuing students should complete their applications no later than February 14. Incoming students should complete their applications no later than May 31.

Approval: Students who submit an application and are approved to bring an animal as a pet will need to complete the animal registration process.

Other Applications: Students requiring a service animal, therapy animal, or emotional support animal should submit an Accommodation Request.


-What type of animals are allowed on campus?

What animals are prohibited on campus?

-Where is animal-friendly housing?

-What costs are involved in having an animal on-campus?