Faculty Resources

Workshops Available On Request

Offered through the Writing Program, the Writing Center, and The Brown Center.

  • Handling the Paper Load in a WE course
  • Designing and Proposing a WE course
  • Building Writing and Research Curricula in Programs
  • Responding to Student Writing For Maximum Impact
  • Discipline Specific: Analyzing Genre Conventions for Students
  • Grammar 101: Refreshers for Teachers
  • Teaching with Writing: A Primer of Priorities

Resources for Writing-Enhanced Courses

Examples of Writing-Enhanced Assignments and Syllabi

Examples of Successful Proposals for WE Courses at Stetson

Faculty Development Workshops

Reading Critically and Effectively (Class Activities and Resources)

Writing to Learn

Preventing Plagiarism

Using Portfolios

Assessing the Writing Program

Stetson's Writing Requirement as of Fall 2016: History and Background