The Writing Requirement at Stetson University

Writing Requirement

Students at Stetson University will take four (4) courses to complete the Writing requirement, at least two of which must be from General Education. (Policy effective Fall 2016)

Eligible courses include

  • FSEM
  • JSEM
  • Any WE or WI-designated course
  • Any Writing course (a course focusing on the theory and practice of writing)

Transition Policy for Returning Students

View our policy governing returning students who have not yet completed their Writing course.

Assessment of Effectiveness

View the description of the four-year plan to ensure quality teaching and learning. Also, view the research study design and the Writing outcome statement and rubric used for assessment.


To start out well at Stetson, students enroll in FSEM their first semester and are strongly encouraged to seek out WE designated courses throughout their time at Stetson. Some students are placed in ENGL 100 College Writing when entering scores (SATV 420 or below, ACT-English 16 or below) indicate that additional preparation will help students succeed. Students placed in ENGL 100 may always appeal that placement to the Director of the Writing Program.

Students placed in ENGL 100 must complete the course during their first semester at Stetson. With a minimum grade of C, ENGL 100 will count as one of the four (4) approved writing or writing-enhanced courses. Without the minimum grade of C, ENGL 100 will not count toward the writing requirement.


Transfer of Course and Exam Credit

Students who expect to receive transfer, dual enrollment, AP, IB or AICE credit for writing courses may transfer in up to two (2) courses. At least two courses in the writing requirement must be taken here at Stetson.