Join the Choral Union

Stetson University Students

Stetson University students have two options for participation in Choral Union:

Option 1

Join for no course credit as a community member, and all community member requirements will apply. One simply attends Choral Union as a community member even though they may be a Stetson University student with all of its attendance privileges. See below for requirements of members of the community to maintain membership in the Choral Union.

Option 2

Sign up for Choral Union for course credit under the current course and credit value (MCE 301-30). Use My Stetson's Class Search tool. In this case, attendance and punctuality, music purchase, concert attire, preparation, etc., are carried out by the student for a grade. The grade is assigned at semester's end as in the case of any other course. One need not be a music major to get the university credit. The credit should count toward Stetson University core requirements under the "A" designation (creative arts in the general education designation) for non-music majors. For music majors, Choral Union counts as a major ensemble credit toward degree requirements, scholarship requirements or both.

Members of the Community

Participation in the Choral Union is open to any townsperson/community member at or above the age of 14, regardless of religion, race, ethnic background or other preferences.

No audition is required, though as a courtesy we request that you contact Choral Union director Andrew Larson, D.M.A., before joining, in order to avoid any logistical difficulties.

The requirements for maintaining membership in the Choral Union include interest and experience in singing, attendance at rehearsals and performance in concerts, purchase of required printed music, payment of nominal dues and procuring the necessary attire for performance. Singers may join the Choral Union at the beginning of any season, but not mid-season because of missed rehearsals. Choral Union seasons run each year from late August to late November, and from mid-January to late April.

More Information

For more information about the Choral Union, please contact the School of Music's main office at 386-822-8950 or email