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Visit the School of Music

The Stetson University School of Music hosts a series of events whose purpose is to allow prospective students the chance to meet current students and faculty, tour the campus and the music school's facilities and get a taste of the Stetson University experience.

Hi Notes

Hi Notes are days custom-made to meet your needs as a music student. They provide you with a shadowing opportunity with a fellow music student, a class schedule for you based on intended major, a chance to meet with a faculty member and have a mini lesson, a meeting with your admission counselor, a chance to eat lunch with current students and a chance to take a tour of the university's historic campus, located in downtown DeLand, Fla. Basically, they give you the chance to be a Stetson University student for a day! This is a fantastic visit option for prospective music students. For more information, see the Visit Stetson University website.

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High School Choral Festival

Early in the fall semester, high school choral students are invited to a choral festival preparing and performing SSAA, TTBB, and SATB repertoire. Nearly 400 students typically attend this two-day event.

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Stetson Men's Choir Festival 

In January, high school choral students are invited to an exciting one-day workshop and festival for tenors and basses. Nearly 300 high school men attend.

String Institute

The Stetson University String Institute provides young string players opportunities to participate in a range of exciting musical experiences under the guidance of Stetson University faculty artists. Once a year high school string students are invited to campus to spend a weekend working with our string faculty, taking lessons, playing in ensemble settings and working with the University Orchestra.

Piano Scholars Weekend

Each year, high school pianists are invited to the Stetson University campus to meet and hear professional performing pianists. Also included in this weekend is the opportunity to compete with fellow students as well as be evaluated by creditable faculty. The winners are presented with special scholarships to the Stetson University School of Music and the opportunity to perform in next year's piano scholars weekend.

Camps and Festivals

Throughout the year, the Stetson University School of Music offers camps in performance areas including brass, clarinet, double reed, flute, saxophone, string and voice. Each event has a distinct focus, but all include a heavy focus on playing techniques, rehearsal and principles of the area, and challenge students to share in the instructors' passion for their instruments.

For more information, please see the Stetson University School of Music's Camps and Festivals page.

Campus Tours

The university's Office of Admissions regularly conducts campus tours, as well as numerous other opportunities to visit the university. Also, it's always a good idea to schedule a campus tour to coincide with your audition, though we do offer campus tours conducted by students of the Stetson University School of Music on audition days.

Concerts and Events

The Stetson University School of Music maintains an active events calendar for each of its performance areas. The community is welcome to attend and enjoy an evening of culture and music. This is also a great chance for you to see faculty and current students in action and preview the level of quality that sets the Stetson University School of Music apart.

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