Theatre Scene

Mission, Goals and Methods


The School of Music is committed to the following:

  • A curriculum and environment conducive to student growth (intellectual, cultural, artistic, professional and social) which prepare individuals for successful careers in music;
  • Individual achievement enhanced by the development of critical thinking skills, enriching life values, ethical practices and effective leadership skills;
  • Student and faculty collaboration centered on student needs, goals and aspirations;
  • A philosophy of individual responsibility for life-long learning and support for and involvement in the arts and arts institutions;
  • A positive, intellectually and artistically challenging working environment for faculty; and
  • Significant contribution to the cultural life of the University, local and global communities.

Goals and Methods

The School of Music is an undergraduate professional school that offers programs of study for high school graduates who are intellectually and musically qualified to prepare for professional careers and for graduate study in music. Degree programs emphasize training in basic musical disciplines, and students must also become proficient in applied and theoretical areas and complete certain arts and sciences courses. Each music student works under the supervision of a faculty advisor; limited enrollment ensures close attention for every student. A music minor is available to qualified students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business Administration; a description appears at the end of this section. The School offers musical opportunities and experiences for all University students and aggressively supports the cultural life of the university and community.