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Residential Living & Learning


Living on-campus is an integral part of the undergraduate liberal arts education of Stetson University, so much so, that we have had a three year residency requirement for over a decade. Learning and living in a diverse community of peers is a transformative experience that prepares students for their careers and a lifetime of significance in communities around the world. Stetson University also provides housing options for law students on the Gulfport campus.

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Living On Campus

Living on campus is more than just having a place to crash at night - it's an opportunity to live and learn.


Residential Guide

Yes. It's our policies and procedures, but don't overlook this "go-to" resource for what you need to know.



Get information about what to do when you move in, move out or want to change rooms at any time of the year.


Parents and Families

We provide resources and assistance to students and their families as they navigate their new life experiences.


Housing Central

Complete an application or verify your info through our online system.


Need Help?

From maintenance requests and roommate issues to the answer of "what do I do?"



Learn about our Residential Living & Learning processes and timelines.


Halls and Apartments

Our online map can provide a birds-eye view of where the residence halls and apartments are located in relation to the rest of the DeLand campus.

Who We Are

Residential Living & Learning is led by a team of professionals who are dedicated to facilitating a transformative residential experience.


About Stetson

Since 1883, Stetson's vision has remained constant: to engage students with challenging academics and to instill values for life.

About Us