Transfer and Exchange Student Housing Application

Transfer Students are defined as those students who have graduated high school and attended a university or college prior to enrolling at Stetson University. The credits earned at the college or university have or will be transferred to Stetson University upon admission and enrollment.

Exchange Students are those who are participating in a university exchange program coordinated through WORLD (World Outreach, Research, Learning, and Development): The David and Leighan Rinker Center for International Learning.

The Housing Application will ask for some demographic information for our records, life-habit information for roommate matching, your building preferences and roommate preference (if you have one), and it also includes the completion of the Housing Agreement.

Housing Applications for Transfer and Exchange students is available on November 1 in Housing Central. Students submitting their enrollment deposit after November 1 will typically have access to Housing Central and the Housing Application within two business days.

Students should complete their applications no later than March 1.  Housing Applications will remain open and available after this date.  However, our housing assignment process begins in April when there is greater availability and variety of space across our residential buildings. Transfer and Exchange students who submit their Housing Assignment prior to March 1 will receive a priority assignment to campus housing before the housing assignment process for the general student population begins. 

Once you submit your Housing Application, you will be unable to make updates to the information and preferences selected in your application.  In order to update your application prior, please email us and we will put the application back into “draft” mode so that you can make changes.  It is very important to resubmit your application after you've completed your updates.

Fall housing assignments are typically sent out to students in June and made on a rolling basis thereafter.  Transfer and Exchange students are provided a housing assignment based on the student's priority (enrollment deposit date), building preference selections on the Housing Application, the student's roommate group (if the student has created a roommate group), and the space available at the time of assignment.

Please remember that specific building, room type, bathroom type, and roommate preferences cannot be guaranteed.  Residential Living & Learning will use preference selections to assign each student to a room that most closely fits their preferences.  However, we have a limited supply of space in each building, room type, and bathroom type.  Therefore, it is not possible to provide every student with an assignment that exactly matches their preference selections.

Students may also submit a Medical and Special Needs Accommodation Request or Animal Housing Request in addition to their housing application. Students desiring to live off-campus may submit that application in lieu of their housing application.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that many students have questions as they consider on-campus housing. You are invited to review our frequently asked questions page for more assistance!

Housing FAQs