Nemec Hall

Nemec Hall contains both shared-occupancy and individual-occupancy rooms with community-style bathrooms. Built-in 1966, Nemec Hall is made up of five individual sections or "pods" where students live (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon) and one central pod, Central Community Center. Each floor of every pod has about 15 students and features a common room in the center for students to hang out, study, and relax which creates a tight community for those students. Nemec Hall has a resident assistant (RA) in every pod that helps students by providing opportunities to develop deep and meaningful relationships not just within their pod and with their roommates, but with members of the entire building. Nemec was named after Ruth and James Nemec, who provided Stetson University with a land deed that partially funded the construction and development of Nemec Hall. Nemec is located next to Hatter Hall, Smith Hall, and the Patricia Wilson Softball Field.

Physical Address: 343 E Arizona Ave, DeLand, FL, 32724

Approximate Capacity: 150

Amenities and Features

Room Layout

Room Amenities

  • Room Rate Type Available
    • Shared Bedroom | Community-Style Bathroom
    • Individual Bedroom | Community-Style Bathroom
    • Shared Bedroom | Private-Style Bathroom
    • Individual Bedroom | Private-Style Bathroom
  • Rooms come with self-loftable XL twin bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair
  • Built-in closet/bureau
    • The closet does not have a door, but a curtain rod with hooks can be hung
  • Utilities included: electricity, HVAC, water, sewer, trash, recycling, Wi-Fi/internet and Ethernet
  • Sink in Room

General Amenities

  • Community-style bathrooms
  • Central community spaces with couches, study tables, and television
  • Central Community Center: Seminar room with individual/group tables; quiet study space
  • Located in Central Community Center, full community kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, cabinet storage, stove
  • Basement-level laundry facilities
  • Beverage vending machines
  • Building Card Access
  • Parking Map: East Zone, Lots 28-29, 39, 45


  • Building Supervisor: Residential Life Coordinator for Area 1
  • Five Resident Assistants
  • Live-in professional staff member

Other Details

Who Can Live Here?

Nemec Hall serves as home to first-year residents. This community is gendered by floor.


Nemec Hall FAQ

Yes. All entering incoming new students are guaranteed housing under the university residential requirement. Our goal is for all new students who are admitted, pay their enrollment deposit, and submit the Residential Living and Learning Housing Agreement to be housed. If you delay deciding to attend, paying your deposit and/or submitting your RLL Housing Agreement, it could affect whether or not you receive an assignment in one of your preferred residence halls or being assigned to expanded/temporary housing. Students who are late in committing to Stetson could be assigned into expanded/temporary housing, which is an assignment in a common area space for a short period, depending on the demand and the date of your deposit.

You will most likely be assigned to a shared bedroom with access to a community bathroom located in close proximity. That means you will be assigned to one of the following halls: Carson-Hollis, Chaudoin (all female), Conrad (Honors/Bonners students), Gordis, Nemec or Smith. (Incoming new students approved for animal-friendly housing will be assigned to University Hall.) This living experience will enable you to meet the greatest number of new people and possibly make the greatest number of new friends. We recognize that living with someone whom you may not know can be challenging at first, but the resident assistant assigned to your floor will be able to work with you and your new roommate to set up expectations and discuss any issues that may arise from time to time during the academic year.  We encourage all students to view this experience as a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn more about themselves as a result.


The dimensions of rooms in Nemec Hall are 10' x 17'. Students can find more information about floor plans and layouts in Housing Central. They should go to the "More" tab and then click "Documents."

As a part of the Stetson residential community, we have compiled a recommended packing list of items we suggest you bring and those that you leave at home. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but instead to give you a good idea as to what is and isn't allowed. The list is divided into different areas to help you consider all the items you may want to bring with you. We encourage you to speak with your roommate, prior to moving in, about what each of you can bring to the room due to space and economic considerations. Learn more about our residential policies in our current student website's policy section.


Stetson University has a centralized, full-service post office. All undergraduate students who live on campus are automatically assigned a campus mailbox with a specific unit number. John B. Stetson / 421 N. Woodland Blvd. / Unit #### / DeLand, FL 32723. The #### is your four-digit mailbox/unit number. To avoid delays, make sure to put the mailbox number on all incoming mail and packages.

We recognize that some residential environments and configurations may not be completely accessible to all students. Students who are seeking additional consideration in the housing assignment process or reasonable requests for modifications to their housing assignment must submit a Request for ADA/Accommodation. Learn more about our ADA accommodations process!

Meal Plans are required for residential first-year and sophomore students. Juniors and seniors may choose to participate in the meal plan program. Juniors and seniors wanting to participate in a meal plan should sign up for one each semester. Voluntary meal plan selections roll over from Fall to Spring, learn more by visiting Dine on Campus at Stetson University.

You can swipe your plan and use a meal at the Lynn Commons for an all-you-care-to-eat meal or for a meal exchange in any of our retail locations - HatterStrEats, Einstein's Brothers Bagels, and the Coffeeshop. Learn more about each meal plan option! 

Housing Central

Our resident housing system including applications, room, roommate info, and much more.


Need Help?

We are here to assist with any questions, maintenance requests and roommate issues.