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Resources for International Students

This page provides information and resources intended for full-time, degree-seeking international students at Stetson University. Each link will direct you to specific information in various forms (e.g., websites, web pages or downloadable documents).

Important Notes

  • If you are an incoming international exchange student you can access resources in Stetson Abroad.
  • If you are an outgoing study abroad student you can access resources in Stetson Abroad.

Student Success

Student Success is a group of administrative offices that offer resources, information and services to empower you to achieve success and significance at Stetson University and beyond. Their goal is to help you to grow as a student and as a person. They help students find ways to become civically and academically engaged critical thinkers with the confidence and abilities to meet their goals and realize their aspirations.

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Cross Cultural Center

All students graduating from Stetson University are prepared to be "at home in the world" with a greater understanding of their own complex identities, a developed sense of empathy and respect for others' identities and experiences, and a fully incorporated sense of social justice. The Cross Cultural Center achieves its mission by helping students to develop cultural competencies for success and significance in alliance with other dynamic individuals in this ever-changing world.

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duPont-Ball Library

The duPont-Ball Library provides countless resources to expand knowledge and research, empowering the university's students to succeed academically. Our students consult with librarians for assistance in research and scholarly projects, broadening Stetson University's dynamic learning environment.

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Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

The Office of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy collaborates with students, faculty and the community to create an atmosphere that engages students. The office will connect you with leadership opportunities, campus organizations, fraternities and sororities ("Greek" social organizations), Hatter Productions (Stetson University's student-run event planning committee), Market Day, off-campus fun, and numerous other opportunities to get involved.

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Center for Community Engagement

Learning through engagement with local and global communities is deeply embedded in the university's mission, values and character. The Center for Community Engagement provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to work with members of the community to build capacity and make a difference in communities near and far. Its mission is to develop, implement and promote lifelong commitments to social responsibility and social justice throughout the world.

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Department of Residential Living and Learning

The Department of Residential Living and Learning is committed to providing a healthy, inclusive and safe environment that encourages the development and personal growth of all students.

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Other On-Campus Resources

Other on-campus resources include:

Refer to the Campus Life and Student Success portal for a comprehensive guide to student resources and services.