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Stetson Health Service

Stetson Health Service's (SHS) mission is to promote optimal health and wellness, disease prevention and provide quality health care that is appropriate, affordable, accessible and relevant. We strive to empower students to be self-directed and well-informed, and to continually improve the standards of health care. 

SHS is your doctor's office on campus for non-emergency health care needs. Our clinic is run in partnership with AdventHealth and provides primary care to students and employees. Patients are seen by appointment and services are charged through health insurance with self-pay discounted rates available for the uninsured. 

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Is Your Insurance Accepted at Stetson Health Service?

To be sure, call the Member Customer Service phone number on the back of your insurance card. Ask them if services at Stetson Health Service will be covered and/or if Dr. Mohammed Asif is in your plan. If you have an "HMO" (Health Maintenance Organization) type insurance, ask if they have a special exception you can set up for college students going out of area. If not, see if you can switch the primary care provider to Dr. Mohammed Asif, otherwise you will need an authorization from your primary care provider each time you make an appointment with Stetson Health Service. If you have questions, call Stetson Health Service at 386-822-8150 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Affordable Care Act and College Students

If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, please visit Healthcare Insurance for College Students You may also refer to the American College Health Association's Resources on Student Health Insurance.



Various forms are required to be completed and submitted to Stetson Health Service via Med+Proctor when you first enroll, either as a first-year student or as a transfer student.

Immunization Requirements

University policy stipulates that all students, whether living on or off-campus, have certain immunizations or an immunization waiver on file with Stetson Health Service. This page explains exactly what immunizations are required and on what grounds an immunization waiver may be granted.

Hot Topics

Stetson Health Service provides more than clinic hours. We strive to make students more aware of health-related issues in order to make them more self-directed and well-informed with regards to their health care.

New Students

If you're new to Stetson University, whether as a first-year or transfer student, you should start with this page, which explains everything from what you'll need to satisfy your health form requirements to what you should bring with you when you arrive on campus.

Insurance Information for Students

As with most colleges, all students enrolled at Stetson University are expected to have adequate health insurance to cover them while attending the university. This section explores options for students without health insurance and what to do if you're an international student.

Partnership with Advent Health 

Stetson Health Service has entered into a partnership with Advent Health that allows us to offer doctor hours on campus, additional care at Victoria Park Medical Center, improvements to technology and communication of medical records with Advent Health Medical Group.