Student Counseling Services lobby

Student Counseling Services

  • Counseling services are free for students who are currently enrolled at Stetson University. Confidentiality is maintained and counseling records are not part of your academic record.
  • Appointments may be canceled and/or rescheduled by Student Counseling Services to accommodate emergencies, closures, etc.
  • Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Appointments are available
    • Virtual appointments are required if you are noticing symptoms of illness

Appointments are scheduled by calling the Counseling Center directly at 386-822-8900.


As members of the staff of Student Counseling Services, we support the mission and values of the university and that of the Division of Campus Life and Student Success. We promote the holistic wellness, self-exploration and personal growth of our students through confidential counseling, outreach and programming, consultation, crisis response and connection with campus and community partners. We assist students in defining and accomplishing their personal and academic goals, daring them to lead a life of significance.


Student Counseling Services makes a significant contribution to the Stetson University community. We provide a proactive, responsive and effective service for students, faculty and staff. The staff of Student Counseling Services is committed to providing ethical, competent and current services consistent with national best practices in professional counseling. We continually meet the changing needs of our growing and diversifying student population while helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and help-seeking behavior. We are proud to provide professional counseling services, free of charge, to Stetson University's students.

Student Counseling Services staff are trained in building their own cultural competence to be able to work with students of different identities, ethnicities, values and beliefs, by providing an unbiased and non-judgmental perspective. We strive to promote equity and inclusivity through our work with students, and by providing support and advocacy for their diverse needs.

The staff follows the ethical and multicultural standards set forth by the American Counseling Association and other professional organizations of which each individual counselor is a member.

While it is necessary to keep records of services in order to comply with standards of care and fulfill legal and ethical requirements, you can be assured that no record of counseling is ever part of your academic or any other university file. No information about your counseling will be communicated to anyone without your written authorization except under the following circumstances:

  • If you are under 18 years of age, your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may have access to your records and may authorize their release to other parties.
  • If you are determined to be in clear and immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else.
  • If you disclose sexual misconduct by a therapist.
  • If you disclose abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or disabled persons.
  • To qualified personnel for certain kinds of program audits or evaluations.
  • In criminal court proceedings.
  • In legal or regulatory actions against a professional.
  • In proceedings in which a claim is made about one's physical, emotional or mental condition.
  • When disclosure is relevant in any suit affecting the parent-child relationship.
  • Where otherwise legally required.

Stetson University's Student Counseling Services is partnering with the Volusia County Crisis Response Team to provides 24/7 crisis support to students. When utilizing the after-hours support, students are able to receive support at any time from any location by calling 386-822-8740.

  • If you having thoughts of harming yourself or others, select option 1.
  • For all other mental health needs, select option 9.