Office of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

Office of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

Channeling Passion Into Purpose

The shared vision of the Office of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy (SD&CV) is to provide every student with opportunities to channel their passions into a meaningful purpose.

Student Development and Campus Vibrancy serves as the core of student involvement and engagement at Stetson University. We are committed to providing opportunities to build a dynamic and pervasive sense student community, while facilitating a culture of belonging and promoting an intrinsic sense of campus vibrancy. We strive to empower students through collaborative approaches to their learning experience, both in and out of the classroom, and work to deepen their pursuit of significance while taking ownership of their Stetson journey. Our goal is to continue empowering students as leaders and global learners to follow their passions, allow spaces to succeed and fail, and guide them through integral parts of their education. 

We achieve this by

  • committing to collaborative partnerships with students.
  • infusing inclusivity into all aspects of our experiences and affirming the necessity for diversity and equality.
  • educating students on how to transform abilities and skills to prepare for life-long success.
  • supporting the formation of enriching and healthy relationships which offer personal support and professional networking.
  • expecting students to consciously commit to ethical and responsible decision-making.
  • encouraging students to take advantage of learning opportunities discovered through facing challenging situations and recovering from failures.
  • celebrating individual student contributions and a shared pride in our community.