Helpful Resources

Note: These informational and self-help resources are not a substitute for counseling services. Accessing these resources is completely voluntary and Student Counseling Services will not collect information about you; therefore, no follow-up is initiated unless you contact Student Counseling Services for support. Students with concerns are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

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Suicide Prevention

Current Events

General Mental Health Information

Anxiety and Depression


College Transition

  • Transition Year - a resource guide for students and parents regarding the emotional health and wellness of students transitioning to college

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

Eating Disorders/Body Image

First-Generation College Students


Greek Life

  • Greek Movement - a movement of Campus Crusade for Christ which provides resources and supports Greek Life members in leaving a spiritual legacy
  • StopHazing - a resource center about hazing and how to prevent it

Grief and Loss/Disaster Aftermath

Healthy Relationships

  • LoveIsRespect - 866-331-9474 or 866-331-8453 (TTY) - national dating abuse hotline - an online resource for healthy relationships
  • Two of Us - a clearinghouse of helpful information for healthy couple relationships


Men's Mental Health

Positive Psychology; Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness


Sexual Assault, Misconduct, or Violence; Harassment/Stalking


Smart Phone, Tablet, and Web *Apps*

Study Abroad

Substance Use/Abuse

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse - information about commonly abused drugs, facts and figures, and how/where to seek treatment
  • Addiction Resource - Substance use/abuse information resource, assessment, and treatment directory
  • All Treatment - Substance abuse information resource and drug rehabilitation directory
  • SAMHSA Treatment Locator - a treatment locator search engine for substance abuse and mental health support services
  • See also: Support Groups

Support Groups

Test/Exam Anxiety


On-Campus Resources