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Health Promotion and all peer education groups provide a variety of activities, programs and events that constantly strive for a healthier campus. While we are mostly known for PAWS Therapy Dogs or Produce of the Month, we also offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to improve any of your eight dimensions of wellness!

Programs and Initiatives

Health Huts

Health Huts are held once a month on the Stetson Green and provide you with an opportunity to engage in a variety of health topics on a deeper level. The WELL Team utilizes motivational interviewing and harm reduction techniques to discuss the variety of health topics to then provides you an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice! Look for our big white tent on the Green and stop by for some useful information, free swag and Cultural Credit!

Produce of the Month

Produce of the month is a bi-weekly table, featuring a designated fruit or vegetable each month. Each table is complete with a fun recipe featuring the produce of the month, samples of the produce of the month, interesting information and a fun activity.

BAC Zone Cards and Tables

BAC Zone Cards are designed to help you rage responsibly. Each card is designed to fit each person’s weight and biological sex. Each BAC Card comes with: a BAC card holder, a Drink Safe Florida Card and a “Healthy Hatters Designate a Driver” card. Periodically, The WELL Team will have BAC Tables, where you can get your individualized BAC card (and perhaps maybe a prize or two). BAC cards are available anytime at the back desk of the Hollis Center (business hours do apply.)

Twenty-first Birthday Initiative

The twenty-first birthday initiative celebrates Stetson Student’s twenty-first birthday with an awesome birthday card, BAC Card (if the student does not already have one), and discounts to local bars and restaurants. The twenty-first birthday initiative helps promote safe drinking habits in students who are turning the legal drinking age. Students will receive an email at the beginning of their birth month with instructions on how to receive their birthday cards from The WELL Team.

Rage Responsibly

Rage Responsibly is a fun and interactive alcohol education program that takes place during specific tailgates for Stetson football events. The WELL Team partners with SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) to provide lawn games, educational trivia and free food and water to tailgaters at Stetson football events. Rage Responsibly events will be announced throughout football season.

Stress Less Day

Stress Less Day is a day filled with relaxing activities. Stress Less Day is designed to help relieve stress during finals and to educate on various mindfulness techniques. Activities include (but are not limited to) coloring books/pages, chair massages, snacks, make your own stress balls, aromatherapy, therapy dogs and a tea station. Stress Less Day occurs within the week before finals.

PAWS Therapy Dogs

PAWS Therapy Dogs is a monthly program hosted by The WELL Team in the DuPont Ball Library. PAWS Therapy Dogs are certified therapy dogs. They come into snuggle and play with Stetson students as they come in to study in the library. The WELL Team also provides information on mindfulness, stress, sleep, and resiliency. Sleep kits are also available. Sleep kits include information about sleep, sleepy time herbal tea, earplugs and a sleep mask. Come to a PAWS Therapy Dog event and get yours!

#HealthyHatters Series

#HealthyHatters Series is a wellness initiative that coincides with #FitFam. Educational tables and events will be hosted throughout campus during the course of every #FitFam season. Topics include and will typically revolve around how fitness can impact all eight aspects of your holistic health. All #HealthyHatters tables are eligible for #FitFam points.

Red Zone Green

Red Zone Green is a sexual assault prevention campaign brought together by PACT (Peer Advisory Council for Title IX). The WELL Team helps provide information surrounding sexual health and maintaining healthy relationships.

HIV Screening

HIV testing is a monthly program. Free and confidential tests are provided to all members of the Stetson Community. Tests are provided by the CAN Community Health as well as any follow up appointments, medical needs, or medications necessary. The WELL Team helps provide information about condoms, contraceptive methods, healthy relationships and STI/STDs. Testing dates are announced at the beginning of each semester.

STI Screening

Free STI Testing is provided to the campus community once a semester. Through a collaboration with Stetson Health Service, The WELL Team educates students, faculty and staff on prevention methods while Stetson Health Service provides the testing and any follow-up appointments or needs necessary.

Reality Campaign

The Reality Campaign is a social norms campaign that uses the National College Health Assessment Survey (NCHA) to expose students to misperceptions and behaviors of their peers.

Tobacco Free Stetson

Tobacco Free Stetson is The WELL Team’s tobacco free initiative. Tobacco Free Stetson typically consists of a series of tables educating on Stetson's Smoke Free Policy, the dangers of tobacco and vaping, behavioral change techniques and more.

Sleep, Stress, and Resiliency

Sleep is an under-appreciated tool for stress relief and is also an essential aspect to maintaining your overall health. Learn about sleep hygiene, how to get better sleep, how to reduce stress and how to build resilience against stress and stressful situations. 

Wellness Workshops

The WELL Team provides a vast array of Wellness Workshops covering a wide variety of health topics such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, eating healthy on campus, sexual health and more. Workshops are able to be customized to fit your specific groups needs! 

And many more…

The WELL Team is always coming up with fun, new, and creative ways to help Hatters live their best lives. To keep up with the latest info and activities follow us on Facebook at Stetson University Wellness & Rec or on Instagram @thewellteam.