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Cultural Credit

In addition to completing 32 course units, students join Stetson University's intellectual and creative life outside the classroom by earning 24 cultural credits as a graduation requirement. Students are highly encouraged to participate in three approved cultural events for each of their semesters of enrollment at the university. Stetson awards 1 cultural credit per 5 transfer credits awarded to enrolling students at the university for a maximum of 12 cultural credit events. These events include lectures by distinguished visitors, musical performances, plays and art shows.

Excerpted from the University Catalog.

Why Cultural Credit?

Cultural credit allows students to more fully embrace the university's mission and values. Events are scheduled outside the classroom that provide "substantial intellectual or cultural value." These events connect what you learn in the classroom with experiences and events in the real world. They vary widely in form, and usually include lectures, concerts, art shows, film screenings or literature discussions. These events can be online face-to-face or virtual.

Throughout the semester, please check the upcoming cultural credit events page, as new cultural credit events are being added to the calendar all the time.

Create a Cultural Credit Event

To create a cultural credit event, you must follow these steps:

  1. Complete an Event Request on the Calendar of  Events webpage to reserve the place, day and time of your event.  Once your Event Request is approved then move to item 2.
  2. Complete the request for the cultural credit event form. It should be completed and submitted to the appropriate dean at least ten days before the event. Events should only be tagged as Cultural Credit by the dean's office and not by the person requesting the event.
  3. Once the event has been approved, you'll receive a confirmation email containing the details
  4. Scanners are used only for on-campus face-to-face events. Shortly before the event, you'll receive an email letting you know that the scanner is ready for pickup. Please note that scanning has been changed to only take place at check-out at the event. Students should attend the event and abide by the Honor Pledge as they would at any other curricular experience.  
  5. Scanners should be returned to the library promptly once your event has concluded.
  6. For Virtual Events, a process must be in place by the host of the event to capture the student ID of any and all students who attend.  
  7. Preferably this is then sent as an Excel file to [email protected] for processing and the awarding of the event to the student. This file should include the event number.

Student Information for Cultural Credit

You can check what events have been awarded to you on your myStetson account. On the dashboard, search for Cultural Events. The list will include all events for which you have received credit. If you attended an event and it is not on your listing of recorded events, please email [email protected] with your name, ID number and details of the event(s) you are missing.

In general, event attendance is recorded within a day or two of the scheduled event. Exceptions to this include the following event categories/locations:

Hand Art Center Exhibits

  • Attendance is forwarded for record-keeping once a week on Monday; scanner data will likely be loaded that evening
  • Worksheets provided for exhibits should be kept for your records; you will be able to forward this information to the Registrar's Office when the event is not recorded to you

Music Events

  • Attendance is forwarded for record-keeping once a month near the beginning of the month after the scheduled event
  • Event credit is awarded when IDs are scanned two times – once at the start of the event and once at the end of the event
  • Single ID scans are automatically removed from the attendance listing for cultural credit record-keeping

Museum of Art Deland – Downtown and N. Woodland Blvd. Locations

  • Attendance is manually recorded and forwarded to the Registrar's Office about once a week
  • Separate Cultural Event Credit is awarded for each museum location visited as long as the exhibits are different

Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona State College

  • Proof of attendance is shown when you bring to the Registrar's Office the folded brochure from this museum and it is signed by a member of their staff

African American Museum of the Arts, N. Clara Ave, Deland

  • Proof of attendance is shown when you bring to the Registrar's Office the folded brochure from this museum and it is signed by a member of their staff