Student Course Evaluations

As stated in the Student Academic Policies, students are asked to complete course evaluations, typically during the last two weeks of each semester. Course evaluations are completed at the end of the course for courses with course dates outside the regular semester.

Faculty are supplied with reports from student course evaluations on the Stetson Evaluation Website. Log in with your Stetson username and password. Each semester, faculty receive notice throughout the evaluation process:

  • Before course evaluations open, faculty may select additional questions for their course evaluations;
  • When the course evaluation opens, faculty receive a reminder of the opening and closing dates and are encouraged to remind students to complete their evaluations through;
  • During the evaluation period, faculty receive updates on their student's response rates and
  • At the end of the semester, faculty are notified that results are available.

Detailed instructions for accessing comparative reports are available on the Stetson Evaluation Website.