Faculty Travel

Travel can be a integral part of the faculty experience for research, professional development, networking, and presentation of scholarly and creative works. Faculty are governed by University Travel Policies and Procedures (5.3, Policies and Procedures, Section 5 – Finance Policies), as well as faculty-specific travel policies. Please read below for additional policies and resources.

College of Arts and Sciences

All full-time faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for funding support from the college. Please review the Faculty Request for Professional Development Funding policy, available from the Dean's Office, for details on the funding use and request process.

School of Music

Full-time faculty in the School of Music should make requests for travel for the academic year by submitting the Faculty Travel Request to the dean's office.

» Faculty Travel Request

Faculty Travel to Stetson Locations

Full-time faculty who travel to teach at a Stetson campus or satellite center that is not their appointed primary location may be eligible to receive a travel stipend to ensure that travel expenses incurred are sufficiently compensated. For more information, please review the supplement to the Stetson Travel Policy: Faculty Travel to Stetson Locations.

Faculty Recruitment

In some disciplines, it is customary to attend a professional convention or conference to interview candidates for a position. Faculty traveling in conjunction with recruitment efforts should consult the Faculty Recruiting Guidelines for details on what travel may be covered by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Off-Campus Travel with Students

Stetson University sponsors field trips and special events for students as a means of providing a comprehensive and diverse learning environment. Please see the Waiver and Travel Forms webpage for the appropriate liability waiver and risk acknowledgment forms for field trips, off-campus functions, and course-related trips and recreational activities.