Supporting Students

Offices and resources across the University are dedicated to holistically supporting our students. Many of these offices also provide specific information for how faculty can partner with these offices to promote student well-being and success. We encourage you to explore the websites below and the myriad opportunities for supporting students.

Academic Success, part of the Hollis Family Student Success Center, provides opportunities for students to reach their individual goals in the higher education environment by ensuring equal access and skills-based coaching and tutoring. Academic Success offers services to support students' academic successes including: success coaching, academic advising, tutoring, Stetson Peer Instruction, and accessibility resources for students with disabilities.

The Office of Career and Professional Development empowers students and alumni to achieve personal, academic and career fulfillment. Career and Professional Development is a valuable resource for students interested in major and career exploration as well as those looking to experience their chosen career through career fairs, informational interviews, and internships. Career and Professional Development staff are also available to provide innovative programs in your classroom and for student groups.

The Student Counseling Services offers a full range of services to support not just the university's students, but the entire campus community. We encourage you to be familiar with their value as a referral for students and resource for faculty. Specifically, Student Counseling Services provides consultation and training for faculty and staff. We recommend completing the Kognito interactive online simulation program and explore their faculty/staff resource page.

Campus Life and Student Success offers a variety of workshops designed to support your students through DevelopED Educational Programming. These workshops can be requested online and cover a wide range of topics under the categories of Career Preparation/Professional Development, Global Citizenship and Diversity, Leadership Development, Student Success, Wellness, and more.

The Office of Community Standards aims to foster student growth and development through providing students university expectations, helping them be reflective of individual and community accountability in their actions, and provide consequences grounded in education. We encourage you to be familiar with the Code of Community Standards and the means of reporting incidents and violations.

Campus Life and Student Success administers Stetson SSC (Student Success Collaborative), a software system from the Educational Advisory Board. SSC provides a platform to connect students, faculty, and staff and brings together valuable information for assessing, promoting, and coordinating student success efforts.

Success has many definitions -- getting accepted into the university, making a certain GPA, graduating from the university, getting a job, going to graduate school, living a life of significance—and Student Success aims to play an integral part in helping students pursue their success.

Academic integrity matters and is reflected in our core values. We expect our students to be actively involved in their education, and we seek students who expect a superior academic experience. In addition, we seek students of high integrity, who value honesty and wholeness of purpose in all endeavors. The Honor System Council administers the Honor System, providing resources to students, faculty, and staff about upholding academic integrity and, if needed, how to report a violation.

More than study abroad opportunities, WORLD: The David and Leighan Rinker Center for International Learning connects students, faculty, and staff with the world of opportunities for an internationalized campus. WORLD serves as a resource for your international students. WORLD also partners with faculty in the pursuit of an internationalized educational process. We encourage you to know how to refer your students to WORLD, as well as explore the resources, like fellowships and grants information, provided specifically for faculty.