Aquatic Gems Exhibit


The Gillespie Museum has more than 15,000 rock and mineral specimens in its collection, of which only a portion are on permanent display. Stored specimens are revealed through rotating exhibits that change either per semester or annually. The museum also has much to offer beyond rocks and minerals.

Sunlight Through Trees

Sandhill Symphony: A Natural History of The High Pine

 Over 300 images, taken by Stetson University Professor Peter May (Biology), will introduce visitors to the flora and fauna of this vanishing ecosystem.

Continuing Exhibit

A Passion for Collecting: The Legacy of T. B. and Nellie Gillespie

A Passion for Collecting: The Legacy of T. B. and Nellie Gillespie

Come learn about T.B. and Nellie Gillespie's life-long love for mineral collecting and how their hobby led to the eventual creation of the Gillespie Museum. The exhibit includes historical documents and pictures, many minerals from the historic collection, a timeline depicting the museum from birth to present day, and much more!

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Permanent Exhibits

  • Science on Display - The Historic Gillespie Collection (new
  • Main Gallery Displays

    • Minerals A-Z
    • Wulfenite, smithsonite, calcite and quartz
    • Amethyst Vug
    • Meteorites - Messengers from Space
    • The Beauty of Petrified Wood

  • The Ancient Art of Marble Inlay
  • Gemstones & Birthstones
  • Florida Natural History
  • The Underground World
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Volcanoes

Rotating Exhibits

The Berzelian Classification System

One of the simplest classification systems for minerals, consisting of only eight groups; more frequently used by mineralogists, the new Dana System has 73 classes (not ideal for museum interpretation).

Smithson, Smithsonite, and the Smithsonian

In celebration of Smithsonian Day - highlights the contributions of James Smithson (1765-1820), the British chemist and mineralogist who was the benefactor of our national museum system.

Outdoor Exhibits

  • Florida Native Plant Landscape
  • Sandhill Teaching Landscape
  • Pollination Station
  • Seed Library

Past Exhibits

  • A Wild Life: Protecting Black Bears in Florida
  • Ross Allen & Florida Natural History
  • Southwest by Southeast: Historic Collections of the Gillespie Museum