Cindy Leung, multilingual sculptor

On the Road by Cindy Leung

In the fall of 2021 the Gillespie Museum presented On the Road, a small exhibit of surprising ceramic creations by multilingual sculpture artist Cindy Leung. Cindy uses porcelain, silk and tea in unique, hybrid constructions to explore linguistics and how colonialism—particularly the colonial history of Hong Kong—contributed to code-switching in a post-structuralist way.  The objects, she explains, “portray how cultures collide with tension and harmony at times, as well as the flexible nature of how things come together.”  Her recent work investigates the complexities of personal identity within community, and is, she says, “a visual manifestation of the hybridity inherent within languages and cultures.” 

An example of Cindy Leung artwork in an abstract form   An example of Cindy Leung artwork resembling a block of tea leaves   An example of Cindy Leung artwork, an image that resembles a block of tea leaves

Leung visited Stetson on September 8 for an Artist Talk, co-sponsored by the Department of Creative Arts and associated with her pop-up solo show in the off-campus garage gallery Still Life with Fruit at Tom's Auto Repair in DeLand. She discussed her latest sculpture collection “A Borrowed Place on Borrowed Time,” from which the pieces in On the Road were selected.