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Florida Formations, a new exhibit focusing on Florida geology, opening October 26

Florida Formations, a new exhibit on Florida geology

Florida Formations tells the geologic history of the state through its distinctive rock units, an array of ocean-formed carbonate formations, each with a story to tell us about past Florida environments and past climates.

a better nectar

a better nectar

Co-hosted by the Gillespie Museum and the Hand Art Center, a better nectar was a multisensory installation based on artist Jessica Rath’s extensive research into co-evolutionary communication between flowering plants and their pollinators. Though this exciting exhibition has come and gone, other pollination-related displays and activities continue in the Gillespie and across campus through the spring semester.

The Pollinator Project centers around the ongoing research of Stetson biology professors Cindy Bennington and Peter May in the Volusia Sandhill Ecosystem, an environmental restoration in progress on the Gillespie Museum grounds. While enhancing the use of the museum for collaborative field work, and as an outdoor classroom, the Pollinator Project also includes an indoor Native Pollinator Research Station with an insect collection, seed library, and other associated displays in the Gillespie Museum's east gallery. An art installation called Pollination Guild in the Sage Science Center was a community endeavor facilitated by Brown Visiting Teacher Scholar Madison Creech that features printed fabric panels and oversized partridge pea flowers with a visiting bee. Other related events included a Beekeeping Workshop (March 16), Citizen + Science: Monitoring Native Pollinators in the Volusia Sandhill (March 23 - May 2); and Wildflower Wednesday (April 18).

Storied Stone

Storied Stone

This small exhibit was inspired by Nicholas Pearson’s The Seven Archetypal Stones, which explores some of the lessons—geological, historic, cultural and spiritual—of the mineral world. Our small display and a guided walk through the museum’s collections tell a few stories about these seven captivating stones.

Museum Hours

The museum will be closed during 2018-19 academic holidays, including Fall Break (October 4 - 5); Thanksgiving Weekend (November 21 - 23); Winter Break (December 15 - January 14); and Spring Holidays (March 4 - March 8). Staff may be reached by email ( or phone, 386.822.7330.


Walk-in Visitors

  • No admissions fee. Donations support educational programming.

Educational Programs (Classes K-12, scouts, home school groups, etc.)

  • Students: $2.50
  • Teachers/Chaperones: No charge

Dates at a Glance

Fall 2018

September 22 - Science Saturday, Smithsonian Museum Day
September 27 - Science Cafe, "Ask the State Geologist," Jonathan Arthur, Florida Geological Survey
October 27 - Science Saturday, Mostly Green Halloween
November 3 - Science Saturday, Founders Day and Homecoming Open House
November 8 - 60th Anniversary Celebration & Opening of new history exhibit

Spring 2018

January 24 - Science Cafe, Bee Sensoria: Artists' Perspectives; and Gillespie Opening of a better nectar
January 26 - Opening Reception (Gillespie & Hand Art Center), a better nectar
January 27 - Science Saturday, Bee Sensations
February 10 - Science Saturday, Native Pollinator Workshop
March 16 - Stetson Beekeeping Workshop, 1 - 4 p.m.
March 24 - Science Saturday, Florida Fossils & Physics Extravaganza!
April 16 - Earth Fair, Sage Science Center lawn, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
April 18 - Wildflower Wednesday, 2 - 4 p.m.
April 21 - Science Saturday, Earth Day at the Gillespie
April 26 - Science Cafe, Alexander von Humboldt: A Liberal Ecologist
April 27 - Arbor Day Celebration, 1 - 3 p.m.

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