Summer Housing Applications

Summer Housing Applications

New students and continuing students who are enrolled in summer courses or participating in Stetson-sponsored internships for academic credit are automatically eligible for summer housing.  Students employed by Stetson are permitted to request summer housing.  In addition, students who have an active fall assignment will be permitted to remain during the transitional period from the end of the Spring semester to the beginning of the following Fall semester. 

However, students who desire to remain in DeLand for other employment opportunities or other personal reasons will be approved based on space availability. 

Any student approved for summer housing without a fall housing assignment will be expected to check out of their assigned space no later than Tuesday, July 18, 2024.  Students in this situation should make appropriate plans to vacate on time.

Applications are available on the Housing Central home page as early as February 1st. 

Students should complete their applications no later than April 15, 2024.  Students who submit their Housing Application by April 15th will have priority in the housing application review and assignment process.  These students will receive their housing assignment no later than April 15th.

Summer Housing Location

Housing for Summer 2024 will be Stetson Cove, Stetson Oaks, and Stetson Palms Apartments. These units offer shared and individual bedrooms, a bathroom shared by the occupancy of the apartment, a common living room space and a kitchen. Washers and dryers are available in each apartment complex. 

Summer Housing Assignments

Many factors are considered in making specific room assignments, including the date the Summer Housing Application is submitted by the student, current Spring semester and future Fall semester housing assignments, the summer housing dates requested by the student, the summer facilities project schedule, etc. Staff within Residential Living and Learning will communicate your assignment to you via email by April 15.

Students with similar requested Summer Housing dates are often assigned together. For example, students requesting summer housing for the summer academic Session I will be assigned together.  This will enable our ability to easily transition from Summer Housing into Fall Housing while coordinating housing for students approved to arrive on campus early for Fall. 

Summer Housing Rates

Rates for the summer term are calculated on a weekly schedule. A week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.  Summer residents are charged for housing by the week, regardless of the number of days they occupy the space during a given week.

  • The weekly rate for a shared bedroom housing assignment is $175.00 per week. 
  • The weekly rate for an individual bedroom housing assignment is $145.00 per week.

Summer housing assignments are typically made on a rolling basis beginning April 15.

Spring to Summer and Summer to Fall Transition Periods

Spring to Summer Period: Students who live on campus for the Spring semester and have been approved for summer housing will be permitted to remain on campus between the end of the Spring term and the Summer Housing move-in dates.

Summer to Fall Period: Students who live on campus for the Summer Sessions 3 & 4 and are assigned Fall semester housing will be permitted to remain on campus between the end of the Summer term and the Fall housing move-in dates.

Summer Session 4 Housing

Students enrolled in Summer Session 4 courses MUST have a Fall 2024 housing assignment in order to live on campus while attending Summer Session 4 classes.  Due to the timing of this summer session, we can only allow students with Fall semester housing to live on campus during this time. 

Summer Housing Scholarships/Grants: Students awarded the SURE Grant or NSF Grant will receive funding to cover the cost of a Shared Bedroom ($145.00 per week). If a student participating in these programs requests an assignment to an individual bedroom, the student will be responsible for any amount due in excess of what their grant funding will cover.  If you have questions regarding your scholarship/grant, please contact Financial Aid ([email protected]).

Move-in Information will be provided to all students who complete a Summer Housing Application via their Stetson email.  However, our Summer Move-in information and instructions are also available online!

Summer Move-in

ADA/Accommodation Housing Request

Students may also submit an Accommodation Request if the student requires any additional consideration for the final assignment.

Request for Animal-in-Residence

Students may request to live with an animal (Pet, ESA or Service Animal) during the summer terms.  However, we do not offer a Request for Animal-in-Residence specifically for the summer semesters.  Therefore, we request that the student contact our office directly to discuss the request prior to bringing the animal to campus.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that many students have questions as they consider on-campus housing. You are invited to review our frequently asked questions page for more assistance!

Housing FAQs