International Studies

Traveling has always been a dream of yours. Understanding other languages and cultures is just a small part of what you would like to learn about in college, but you need a direct route to your dream career. Taking on a program especially known for its rigor in modern languages and study abroad will give you a head start to that career.

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Program Overview

As an interdisciplinary program, the international studies program gives students within the major the flexibility to design an individual program that addresses issues or geographical areas of their choosing. Courses within the program highlight Stetson University's strengths in international and language study and study abroad.

As a senior, you will be expected to complete a senior research project under the guidance of a faculty member. 


All faculty are committed to providing an education which will serve as the foundation for a successful career in international studies.

The international studies program is an interdisciplinary program. As such, it draws upon courses and faculty from the following departments and programs at Stetson University:

Career Significance

As markets for goods and services and jobs become increasingly global, public and private sector employers alike look for individuals with a demonstrated capacity to speak multiple languages, to navigate through and across multiple cultures and to understand a multiplicity of national and international social and historical dynamics.

We can see that exchange rates are fluctuating wildly, for example, or that they are the source of political tensions; but do we know why? Some argue that human rights should be a cornerstone of our foreign policy while others argue that they are tangential at best; what does historical evidence suggest?

Why are some international or interethnic conflicts amenable to multilateral management by international organizations, while others seem endlessly resistant to a peaceful resolution? What are trade wars, and are they actually ‘easy to win;' again, what does the historical evidence suggest?

Foreign business leaders are often heard to say something along the lines of the following: ‘Anyone can walk me through a spreadsheet or pitch the fine points of a product they're trying to sell. But if they know my language, if they know my literature, if they know my history ... well, that demonstrates a commitment to me, to my market, and to my people. These are who I want to do business with. These are who I want to invite into my circle of friends.'

Global connections are human connections. They may proceed in a ‘Northern' or a ‘Western' direction – or they may not. Why limit yourself to one-way connections? A major in international studies is a major in global citizenship. It is a rejection of mono-ligualism, mono-culturalism and hyper-individualism. Embrace the world! Embrace the possibilities.

Career Outlook

Change comes quickly, and the worldview supplied by a degree in international studies prepares students for opportunities in multiple industry sectors and positions, from policy analyst to international marketing to working directly for an NGO dealing with the people impacted by climate and political change.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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