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In an environment of small classes and seminars supplemented by a rich array of special opportunities both on and off campus, an education in political science is about more than elections, treaties and lawmaking. Whether in this country or abroad, students gain a broad and challenging preparation for life in public affairs and commerce. Stetson's political science program offers opportunities to gain perspective beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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Program Overview

Not only does our political science program reach out locally within DeLand, it reaches into areas of the world such as Latin America, Europe and Washington D.C. Classrooms that are used for political science classes are equipped with the latest technology to help our students stay as up-to-date as possible. Political science students graduate with advanced skills in reading comprehension, both quantitative and qualitative social science analysis, analytical writing and logical argumentation.

Outside experiences used to explore the world of political science are the study abroad program, our unique semester in D.C. program, facilitated internships, the Floyd M. Riddick Model United States Senate and Student Government Association. Campus involvement is a considerable part of the experience of the program here at Stetson causing our graduates to move on to some of the best graduate programs and law schools in the country and the world.

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Program Benefits

For today's college student, the systematic study of politics - or political science - offers an opportunity to explore how and why public decisions are made on issues ranging from health care to tax policy to human rights, and the environment.

Political science as an academic discipline has existed for only a century, but the study of government and politics is at least as old as the ancient Greeks. For Aristotle, politics was the "master science" on which all branches of human activity depended. Politics is no less central to an understanding of our own society and the world around us. 

The aim of the political science major is to graduate from Stetson students who have well-developed intellectual skills as well as a mastery of the core concepts and materials of the discipline.

Political science at Stetson University is a broad education. It teaches you how to read critically, how to research and write with precision and how to analyze rigorously qualitative and quantitative materials. It teaches these skills in courses that convey extensive information about political ideas and behavior. 


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our political science program.

Career Significance

In recent years, the most popular destination for political science graduates has been law school, attracting approximately one-half of the seniors graduating in the major. At an increasing rate, however, our graduates are also aiming for a Master's Degree in Public Administration or other graduate degrees.

With a knowledge of public affairs and solid intellectual and writing skills, Stetson graduates in political science are prepared to pursue a wide range of professions.

While some students may continue their education in law or graduate school, others enter such professions as

  • politics and government service
  • journalism
  • public interest representation
  • business

Our faculty in the Department of Political Science are happy to work closely with you in writing letters of recommendation and exploring your career aspirations.

Career Outlook

With its strong connections to the political arena, facilitated interns and historic model-senate students graduating from Stetson's political science program are well-prepared for either additional education in law or public administration or for entering the workforce. Also, students leave the program with strong backgrounds in public affairs and institutions, and with excellent knowledge in writing and communications. More than one-third of openings will be for candidates with up to two years of experience, so internships and field work will be important in making career connections.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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