World Languages and Cultures

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Languages broaden the world in which you live. At Stetson University, we offer classes in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese with study abroad possibilities around the world. Whether you choose languages as your main or secondary field, it will broaden your perspectives and enhance your opportunities.

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Program Overview

Stetson University offers one major in world languages and cultures with four possible concentrations with a core curriculum in linguistics and cultural studies. The world languages and cultures program also offers minors in Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Area Studies tracks: The three one-language concentrations will give you not only a thorough grasp of the linguistic complexity of the chosen language but also a functional understanding of its cultural diversity and global impact: French and Francophone studies, German studies and Hispanic studies.

Translator's track: We also offer a multi-language track completed with a senior research project in translation.

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Major Program Tracks

The major program tracks all include

  1. A language sequence 200 and 300-level course
  2. A meta-language core course
  3. Language through content and content through language choices
  4. a senior research project

Track 1: Hispanic Studies

  • Nine Spanish classes
  • One core class
  • Senior research project

Track 2: French and Francophone Studies

  • Nine French classes and approved program classes
  • One core class
  • Senior research project

Track 3: German Studies

  • Nine German classes and approved program classes
  • One core class
  • Senior research project

Track 4: Combined languages (Translator's track)

  • Nine classes in two languages with a minimum of five upper-division L classes in the primary language and a minimum of two classes in second language
  • One 301 course (either WLGC or LING, see Courses)
  • Senior research as annotated translation project (Substantial translation with translator's note on translingual and transcultural difficulties and cultural background research on the topic)

Minor Program Tracks

You have the capability of having a minor in Spanish, French, German or Russian studies. You will be required to take five classes in the same language at a 200-level or higher.


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our program.

Career Outlook

Although overall numbers are not high, demand and projected job growth is high for students with degrees in languages and cultures. Starting salaries are relatively strong, and while the knowledge and skills are good foundations for graduate level work, many students will find immediate demand within government and business sectors with international connections and markets.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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