Practicum and Internship

VIA by Watermark Electronic Portfolio System

VIA is an electronic portfolio and accreditation management system. In the upcoming semesters, an increasing number of courses will require students to use VIA for submitting class assignments, along with Supervisors and Faculty. VIA will enable the program faculty to collect and analyze course assignments and assessment data more quickly and efficiently. VIA also will allow the Department of Counselor Education to access data for accreditation needs and to address program improvements in a timely manner.

Practicum Sites

The Department of Counselor Education has approved the following sites at which students may complete their practicum and internships. If you're interested in a site that does not appear on the list, please contact your advisor to complete the site approval process.

Practicum and Internship Manual

 Apply for Practicum

Practicum Application Checklist
Practicum Letter of Intent
Application for Practicum
Prerequisite Attestation Form
Internship Informed Consent Release

 Site Supervisors

Site Supervisor Manual
Site Supervisor Training: Program Requirements
Site Supervisor Training: Competency-Based Supervision
Site Supervisor Training: Culturally-Competent Supervision

Time2Track Instructions for Supervisors