Dear Current and Past Graduates,

Just because you've graduated, doesn't mean we want to fall out of touch! In fact, we want to know where you land, both personally and professionally. As graduates, you have a journey ahead of you and we want to travel with you. Please allow us to share in your successes as you move on.  Always remember, just because you've graduated, you are forever a part of our Department of Counselor Education and Hatter Families.

How can we stay connected?

  • To continue to have access to your email, log in to Microsoft Outlook. As a reminder, you will be routinely asked to change your password to keep your account active. 
  • Respond to the yearly email we send to your personal and email asking for your current employer, preferred email, and phone number
    • As a CACREP-approved program, we are required to report post-graduation information - your responses will help us maintain our accreditation
  • Hatter Highlights - we want to hear about the fantastic things happening in your career field. Let us brag on you! Please complete the Hatter Highlights online form


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How can you support Counselor Education Students?

  • Consider donating to the Department of Counselor Education
    • Donations will only be awarded to currently enrolled Counselor Education students