Bed Lofting Instructions

The lifestyles of students today require a variety of options and versatility. That's why our furniture allows students more living space and greater flexibility. Self-lofting beds are a great way to maximize the space in your room and create a more unique living space for you and your roommate. Only one tool is required: a rubber mallet (available for checkout at University Hall). Our XL twin furniture is movable and self-loftable. Please, for safety reasons, no outside loft kits or lifts are permitted.

Students are encouraged to arrange the furniture provided by the University in order to personalize their living area. We suggest establishing a mutually agreed-upon plan by both roommates. In most of our community and suite-style buildings, each student will have a twin extra-long self-lofting bed frame (Dimensions: 80" x 36" x 60"), stabilizer bar, and mattress, a three-drawer dresser, a desk, a desk chair, and a closet/wardrobe. All university furniture can not be removed from the room. 

Stetson considers the standard height to be 32" from the floor (9th notch from the top of the bed frame).

Loft Height Bed

  • Students who choose to self-loft their bed to the highest level (top-notch), are required to utilize the stabilizer bar available in the room.
  • Guard rails are available upon request by submission of a maintenance service request
  • The distance underneath a loft-height bed is approximately 52" from the floor. 

All self-lofting beds must be reconfigured to the standard height the setup prior to Check-Out at the end of every school year. Rubber Mallets can be checked out at University Hall during business hours in the academic year. 

Other Bed Types

If you reside in Emily Hall, Hatter Hall, or Houses A - E residential facilities, we currently have Style II beds in this location. Follow the link for lofting instructions. 

If you reside in Stetson Cove - Individual Apartment or University Village Apartments residential facilities, we currently have Full-Size beds in this location.