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Consumer Information

Visit the following links to access important information about Stetson University policies pertaining to financial aid, health and safety, and more. This convenient list is especially useful for current and prospective students searching for material and policies concerning various administrative offices.

Annual Security Report

Stetson University's Annual Security Report is prepared and published every October. This report includes the Clery Campus Crime Report and policies regarding access to campus facilities, alcohol and drug use, confidentiality of reporting crimes, sexual assault, and information on security awareness programs.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records.

Stetson University Student-Athlete Handbook

The information in this book identifies resources for student-athletes including financial aid, academic support, sports information and sports medicine. We have also clarified the pertinent NCAA rules that affect all Division I student-athletes.

Stetson University Athletic Information

This website allows you to search Stetson University and receive athletic information relative to participants, coaching staff, revenue, expenses, and supplemental information.

University Catalog

The Stetson University Catalog is published each year and includes information on admissions, scholarships and other financial aid, student life, academic programs and course offerings.

Student Code of Community Standards

In any society, large or small, where people live in a community, there must be certain rules established to aide the safety, rights and freedom of all concerned. This is also true of Stetson University, a community that acknowledges the existence of both rights and responsibilities and is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Community members are individually and collectively responsible for their behaviors.

Student Outcomes

The Stetson University Common Data Set is published each year and includes information on retention rates, graduation rates as well as other student information.

Quick Reference to Service Centers

This document describes avenues that borrowers can use to find useful information on loan status, repayment options, loan information and resolution of issues. The document also outlines contact information for an ombudsman to serve as a resource of last resort for borrowers who have not found satisfactory answers to their questions.

Compliance Information

Voter Registration

Voter registration information is included in new student orientation packets. For information about who can register to vote in Florida, please visit the Florida Division of Elections website. To register to vote in the State of Florida, individuals must complete a voter registration form. Copies of the form are also typically kept in the lobby of the Office of Student Life on the Gulfport campus.

You can apply to register to vote at any time. To vote in an election, however, you must be registered in the state by the book closing date, which is normally the 29th day before each election. The voter registration form can be completed and submitted via U.S. mail to your county supervisor of elections. For additional information, directions on completing the form, or to access the form in Spanish please visit the  Florida Division of Elections Website.

Constitution Day

Per federal regulations, the Office of Student Financial Aid is required to hold an educational event regarding the Constitution on Constitution Day, September 17.