Tuition Exchange

Stetson University participates in two Tuition Exchange programs: the CIC (Council of Independent Colleges) and TEP (Tuition Exchange Program). Tuition exchange is a reciprocal scholarship opportunity for the dependents of eligible faculty and staff at consortium member schools. Each member institution has specific guidelines for imports and exports.

  • An import is a student from another institution seeking to attend Stetson through one of the Tuition Exchange Programs
  • An export is a dependent of a Stetson University faculty or staff member seeking admission at one of the tuition exchange member schools

For an up-to-date list of participating institutions, visit The Council of Independent Colleges and The Tuition Exchange.

All applicants should first complete Stetson's Preliminary Application by November 1, to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements to use the tuition exchange benefit. Once the application has been approved by the Office of Student Financial Aid, the student should follow the directions below depending to which program (CIC or TEP) they are applying.

The importing schools will notify families once a decision had been made about the TE Scholarship. This most often happens in spring. By April 1, students should notify Stetson's Tuition Exchange Liaison in writing of their acceptance (or rejection) of the TE Scholarship and which school they will be attending.

The preliminary application deadline is November 1. We recommend employees turn in their pre-certification applications as soon as possible so that eligibility can be determined. Students should also complete their admissions applications to importing schools in a timely manner to ensure the best consideration for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship.

  1. After the student's export eligibility has been confirmed by the Office of Student Financial Aid, an online application will need to be completed by the student/parent.
  2. The importing liaison at the member institution will receive a system-generated email with the application information. They will determine if the application is approved/denied and notify the student.
  3. The importing liaison will update the Application Status in the CIC-TEP Online Portal. This update can then be viewed by Stetson's exporting liaison.

* Detailed guidelines, requirements, and responses to frequently asked questions are available on CIC's website.

Tuition Exchange, Inc. provides the opportunity for new TEP applicants to complete the online TE-EZ application.

  1. After the student's export eligibility has been confirmed by the Office of Student Financial Aid, complete the online TE-EZ application.
  2. Once the application is submitted, Stetson's exporting liaison will be notified.
  3. If the student's export eligibility has been confirmed by Stetson, the EZ application is sent to the 'importing' schools listed on the application. If the EZ application is determined ineligible, the applicant and parent will be notified and the application will not be forwarded to the selected schools.
  4. At this point, the importing schools take over the remainder of the process.

* Be sure to enter valid email addresses for the student and parent when you fill out the EZ application. The application provides a maximum of 10 school choices.

  • Beginning with the 2023-2024 academic year, the TEP Tuition Exchange scholarship at Stetson is offered at $41,000 inclusive of other federal, state, and outside funding (Pell Grant, Florida Bright Futures, Florida EASE Grant, etc.) Federal Student Loans and Private loans will be awarded in addition to the Tuition Exchange Scholarship
  • Tuition Exchange Imports must complete a FAFSA
    • Stetson’s FAFSA school code: 001531
  • Tuition Exchange Guidelines Imports (PDF)

Stetson's Tuition Exchange Liaison

Ms. Samantha Hart, Financial Aid Coordinator
Office of Student Financial Aid
(386) 822-7100, Option #2
[email protected]