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Summer Programs: Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classroms

Join us in June for our fun and engaging outdoor classrooms!

The Gillespie Museum is Stetson University's Earth Science museum. Its collection of 15,000 mineral, rock and fossil specimens - one of the oldest and largest in the Southeastern United States - has developed over the past 50 years into a center for stem education. Thousands of young scientists visit the museum each year for programs in geology, Florida ecology, and environmental studies. The adjacent Rinker Environmental Learning Center provides opportunities for community gardening, native plat restoration, beekeeping, seed saving, and other outdoor activities.

Registration is available online and places are limited to 15 students per day.

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Sustainabilty Gallery, April 18-May 1

From Monday to Friday the Gillespie Museum will be featuring works from a Digital Arts student, Annette Morton.

The exhibit combines digital art and the issues of sustainability on our planet currently, taking a closer look at the relationship between humans and the environment.

Annette Morton - Anxious Object

Continuing Exhibit

A Passion for Collecting: The Legacy of T. B. and Nellie Gillespie

A Passion for Collecting: The Legacy of T. B. and Nellie Gillespie

Come learn about T.B. and Nellie Gillespie's life-long love for mineral collecting, and how their hobby led to the eventual creation of the Gillespie Museum. The exhibit includes historical documents and pictures, many minerals from the historic collection, a timeline depicting the museum from birth to present day, and much more!

Science on Display

Science on Display features an interactive touchscreen computer and hands-on activities for scientists of all ages.

Dates at a Glance

  • Museum Closed for May
  • Museum Reopens June 2nd
  • June 9 - 25: Outdoor Classrooms
  • Museum closed for July
  • Museum reopens August 3rd

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