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Management and International Business

Do you enjoy working with others to achieve challenging goals? Are you aspiring to become a leader comfortable with decision making, creativity enhancement and problem-solving? Do you desire to enhance your leadership knowledge and skills for the future? If so a major or minor in the Management program can prepare you for leadership and managerial roles in both profit and non-profit organizations. In recent years the Management program has shifted its focus onto “the new paradigm of management and leadership”. In this context, Management Program learning focuses on enhancing teamwork skills, human relations, creativity, organizational change management, employee potentiation and ethical, sustainable organizational success.

The primary Management Program faculty have decades of active practice in the innovative use of interactive, experiential learning methods. In this context, learning climate in most Management classes focuses on the learners’ engaged involvement in learning activities, projects, classroom dialogues and team-based methods. Innovative experiential learning methods are a hallmark of the department. Faculty members use problem-solving projects, case studies, team exercises, class discussions, and contemporary training methods so learners can learn to succeed as managers and move to higher levels of leadership. Interpersonal communications, conflict resolution, team development, creative problem solving, and effective leadership skills are bolstered by a solid conceptual foundation in organizational behavior, human resources, organizational change and development, managerial ethics, and cross-cultural management challenges.