Human Resource Management

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Organizations are increasingly turning to human resource management (HRM) to help meet the challenges of the rapidly changing workplace. In today's competitive landscape, effective human resource management is key to organizational success. Ultimately, every business issue is a people issue. Consequently, Human Resources (HR) is one of the fastest-growing fields in the U.S., and the demand for qualified HR professionals is increasing. Stetson University's Human Resource Management Program prepares you to meet this critical organizational need.

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Program Overview

As a student in Stetson's Human Resource Management Program, you will develop the skills and competencies required to recruit, hire, motivate and retain employees effectively. Through experiential learning opportunities, engaging classroom interactions and close partnerships with Stetson faculty and industry professionals, you will acquire the business acumen, leadership and interpersonal effectiveness that will enable you to succeed in the HR field.

You will develop these skills and competencies while mastering key content areas in each HR function, for example, employment law, recruitment and selection, training and development and performance management. In addition to mastering these content areas and developing the requisite HR skills and competencies, you will also have an opportunity to apply their learning through a required HR internship experience. Thus, you will gain significant exposure to HRM prior to graduation. The program culminates in a human resource management capstone experience, which enables you to integrate your academic and experiential learning and test your skills through rigorous projects that simulate realistic business challenges.


Career Significance

The number of HR jobs is expected to increase over the next ten years. In the greater Orlando metro area, specifically, the HR field has been designated as a high-growth area, with an expected 17.89% growth, compared to an 11.28% growth in the total labor market.

Of available job openings, 35% require zero to two years of experience, providing a strong job market for recent graduates of the program.

Career Outlook

Growth in demand for students with a degree in human resource management is projected to continue at moderate levels over the next ten years with a majority of graduates finding themselves working within medium and large business environments. About one-third of positions are within the professional and health sectors and many recent graduates will find themselves in recruitment and human resources coordinator roles. Employers are assigning higher value to candidates with internship experience within the field and exposure to talent acquisition strategies.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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